Write The BEST Headline For Google Ads Quickly

Write The BEST Headline For Google Ads Quickly

Hey everybody. Have you ever wondered how to write the best headline for Google ads?

  • What really makes a great headline that works?
  • That is profitable?
  • That is effective?

And how do you craft it? How do you follow a pattern so you can write good, consistent, solid headlines that make you profitable?

Well, in this article, I’m going to show you headline ideas.

And I’m going to give you Google Ads headline examples that are going to make your campaigns so much more effective and more profitable.

Everyone, I’m Oware Augustine, and my agency tests and develops cutting edge Google Ads strategy every day.

And in our agency, we learn those cutting edge things that are working right now. And we create these videos to share those tips with you.

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And then that way, you’ll be the first to know, you know, with Google ads, on average, only two to three out of 100 people ever click on your ad.

And that is a fact.

Most people are shocked when they know that really only 3%, on average, are even clicking on their headlines.

See, the headline is your most important content that you have when it comes to Google ads, I mean, the landing page, everything else also matters.

But if you don’t have a good headline, and your click through rate is less than stellar.

Nobody’s ever going to read your amazing copy on your headline and your offer, and they’re not going to convert.

And so that’s why I prepared this Google ads, headline examples template for you, I’m going to help you be able to write the best headlines possible for your own Google Ads campaigns.

And I’m going to give you step by step my top 10 templates that worked for me and helped my Google ads perform so much better.

You know, maybe you’ve written headlines and felt that they were good. And then you found that your click through rate, or your CTR was low.

And I feel your pain, believe me, I have been there. And that’s why I stepped back, I started looking more closely at why people weren’t clicking on my ads.

And I started looking for some way to be able to improve my game.

And I noticed that, you know, my headline writing could definitely use improvement.

And so what I did is I started formulating my own templates that I can just plug and play, instead of spending hours and hours trying to write headlines, I can literally just grab one or two or three templates just be able to pop it in and it worked.

And so those templates I’m going to share with you here in a little bit, and they work so so well.

I’ve gotten so good at writing effective and compelling headlines. I’ve just seen an absolute explosion in my click through rates, revenue increasing dramatically.

And it’s just amazing.

What great headlines will do for your Google ads campaign profitability.

Don’t overlook the importance of your headline writing, especially if you’re looking at your campaigns and your click through rates, you know, are less than stellar.

There is a massive difference in your profitability if your click through rate is sub 1%.

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But if you can take it to 5% 7% 8% 10% 13%. Watch what starts to happen. Remember that Google is grading your click through rates, they are judging relevancy across the board.

And if your click through rates are low, your Quality Score suffers when your Quality Score suffers, your cost per clicks starts to increase.

I’m not talking about increase I’m talking about increased dramatically.

And so if you have really strong click through rates, they reward you, your cost per click is going to start to get lower and lower and lower.

And that only means more profit, more revenue, better performance overall for you.

So why wouldn’t you want to become amazing at writing great headlines. But remember, you should write headlines with audience intent always.

This is going to come to when you do your keyword research and those keywords that they’re searching with writing to that particular audience, understanding what their problem is.

What they’re looking for, and help them understand it with these headlines that you’re creating these headlines when you’re writing really great headlines, they should speak in the language of the intended results of your audience.

So here are 10 Google ads, headline examples that you can pattern, I’m going to put them up here for you, and that they can help you write your very own best headlines for Google ads.

So number one, let’s just jump right into it.

1. the here’s a quick way to…

So when your audience intent has a nagging problem, you present a quick solution for them.

Some examples might be:

  • Here’s a quick way to get over the edge
  • here is a quick way to get rid of that flu.
  • Here’s a quick way to lose weight.
  • Here’s a quick way to stop smoking for good.

That works so well because we live in a society that everybody wants everything now now now people are in a rush.

And when you’re taking your benefit that you’re trying to transmit to them, instead of just putting that right there, try adding, here’s a quick way to it and see what that does for your ads.

It works really good.

2. the secret of… [blank].

See, when insider secrets are revealed for audiences who are interested to know, it’s so compelling.

So some example:

  • The secret of growing your Instagram followers,
  • The secret of writing better headlines,
  • The secret of protecting your assets in litigation,
  • The secret of getting your loan approved,

works great, give it a shot.

3. little known ways to… [blank].

Another way to create an insider secret headline is using this one here, it’s starting off your sentence with little known ways.


  • Little known ways to hack Google’s Gmail,
  • Little known ways to lose weight quickly and safely.
  • Little known ways to make money without a website,

you get it right, just follow along that plug in what your benefits are. And that should give you some really, really nice headline examples.

4. Who else wants… [blank].

That’s a get into the bandwagon headline. And you’re asking your audience to join to try or to get into.

And this usually starts with the question is Who else wants blank like so for example, it’d be:

  • Who else wants to get their dream job.
  • Who else wants to write better headlines
  • Who else wants to get the lowest click through rate with the highest return on investment,
  • Who else wants to learn the easier way to manage social media accounts?
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Give that one a shot

5. World class comparison to…

You set a world class example for your comparison. So these are such printed headlines, these have been used successfully in major campaigns for years.

And what they do is they give you a great way to be able to to grab the interest of your audience using a major anchor something that they recognize.

So Gatorade, they melt this one all the way to the bank, when they ran their Be Like Mike campaign, it was featuring Michael Jordan, and who didn’t want to be like Mike and Michael Jordan, especially in his prime.

And that one worked so so good.

And you can use something like

  • Speak Spanish like you were born there,
  • party like Paris Hilton,

Just see if there’s something that you can anchor that to. And that works so great.

6. Here is a… [blank].

And that’s offering a helping hand to customers who really need help. So for example,:

  • Here’s a technique that’s helping homeowners save hundreds on insurance. It’s awesome. I mean, it works really, really good.
  • Here’s a technique that’s helping children to learn fast in school.
  • Here’s a technique to avoid stress.
  • Here’s a technique to write better headlines.

How about that?

7. what everybody ought to know…

spark curiosity in your headlines. Curiosity is an emotion and that entices the target audience and appeals to their inquisitiveness and to their needs at the same time.

That’s why it works so good.

So let’s say an example

  • would be what everybody ought to know about mobile responsive website.
  • Would everybody want to know about Adjustable Rate Mortgages,
  • what everybody ought to know about losing weight quickly
  • what everybody ought to know about writing great headlines, nice nice one,

use that one.

8. Have or build…

Now headline starting with they have a or build a is good for audiences that you want to tap into their vanity, into their dissatisfaction or into their shame.

So for example,

  • You can build a body that you can be proud of,
  • You can have a smile that you can be proud of
  • Build a blog network that you can be proud of
  • Write headlines that you can be proud of it goes on and on.

It’s just an awesome template that you can just plug in your benefits and be able to ride that one in many, many different ways.

9. Get rid of… [blank].

So another way to address your audience’s problems, specifically, painful problems is unfulfilled desires to start with headlines with get rid of and end it with once and for all.

So pairing those together oh my gosh works so so good.

So what you’re doing is you’re suggesting that you have the solution to their problems.

An example:

  • Get rid of a your unproductive work habits once and for all.
  • Get rid of that carpet stain once and for all.
  • Get rid of that lame mullet hairdo once and for all.
  • Get rid of your crappy headlines once and for all.

It works.

10. Finally it is have your cake and eat it to. [Without]

And this one is a classic. And this has been used in major media for a long time, it’s proven and it works, they have your cake and eat it too headline is just solid.

And it really gives people what they want. And it’s the classic example of having the best of both worlds.

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And so for example,

  • Now you can quit your job and make even more money. See the contrast in that.
  • Now you can meet sexy singles online without spending a dime.
  • Now you can earn money without leaving your home.

So what you want to do is you want to pair the benefit that they’re going to get with the pain that they’re experiencing, you pair and you use the whip out as the bridge in between those.

Now, this can lead to a lot of false and deceptive advertising. And you see this sometimes really abused, and you don’t need to lie.

Just think about what the pain is that people experience.

In this case, you know, headlines here, write, write great headlines without spending hours on writer’s block, I mean, you can just literally take the solution that you’re offering and the pain in pairing together, make them real, and it’s going to work great for you.

So just to wrap up

So just to wrap up writing the best headline for Google ads, it’s not rocket science, it takes an understanding of what causes people to click on that ad.

The critical point to remember here is that people click that ad because it shows something about them, their intent, you’re appealing to their heartstrings.

So these 10 of the best headlines for Google ads are a good base for you to follow for you to be able to model and you just use those to be able to plug in your own features, your own benefits, the pain points of your examples.

So want you to be able to write your own ads, headline examples, that get clicks and customers and of course, more revenue, be creative.

You can layer them, you can tweak them with other elements, anything to make your headline stand out and be really, truly irresistible.

And then what you do is if you think you’ve got a four or five good headlines that are written, test them, test them in Google and let your audience’s vote with their click through rates.

And I can’t tell you how many times where I’ve loaded, say four or five different headlines. And I think that these two here are the winners.

And all of a sudden, the one that I thought over here was the loser. And the other one that was mediocre turned out to be the winners. So write them.

And you don’t have to sit there and worry, Google will tell you who the winners are or not, but use a great template like this.

So that you know, when you load them, you’re loading some top notch headlines that overall, they should all perform much, much better. And so if you do, you will win.

And I promise you that.

And, folks, that’s my advice on how you can write the best headline for your Google ads.

And I hope that you’ve learned at least one thing in this video today. And if you did leave that one thing below, tell me what is the headline example that you are going to be able to use in your own ads?

Is it number 1-234-567-8910? I’d love to hear from you.

And if I can be of help to you in your marketing, call me or message me

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