Essentially, content monetization is a marketing concept in which you earn money by letting users consume your content. By far, the most popular and effective way to acquire revenue is by offering subscription services and online courses.

Additionally by promoting third parties‘ products such as affiliate marketing, product placement, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads, are among the common methods for making money.

We will look at all of those strategies and many more in this article. Our discussion will also cover the technicalities of monetizing on Facebook and YouTube.

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To begin with, consider whether content monetization is the best option for you?

What content should be monetized?

Your passion for your content can help you build an audience and maybe even make you a full-time income job. … I know this from personal experience.  

Understand Content Monetization:  How to Make Money From Content
What content should be monetized?

A great way to generate more money with content monetization is if you are able to spend more time developing your platform in exchange for profits. 

Your chances of making money from content monetization may be lower if you don’t have a large audience. 

Moreover platforms like YouTube and Facebook, for example, already have built-in systems that allow you to earn from PPC advertisements if your engagement reaches a particular threshold.

What you have to know before you monetize your content

  • Having knowledge and experience about a certain niche.
  • Have your own content platform – such as a blog, YouTube channel, social media account, or website – that you’re passionate about.
  • Have a high level of engagement from your followers, as well as an increase in numbers.
  • Have the option of spending more time developing your platform in exchange for a higher profit.

Three ways to monetize your content

Content monetization models may not work together with other models when it comes to maximizing results. Whether you are being paid directly for your content or someone is paying for access to your audience,… someone is paying for your content.

You can choose the best content monetization model for your business if you understand this.

  • Content that you sell directly to people makes money for you.
    When you organize information into an online course or place it behind a paywall, you’re selling your product its thats smiple.
  • A third party who purchases your audience will be well served because you are helping with their advertising needs. You can find these advertisements in your favorite podcast or on Amazon links on your favorite food website. These are some examples of how to market to your target audience.

You wouldn’t use advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsorship announcements if they didn’t make you money; they make you money but do not improve your work or traffic.
If you have the opportunity, you might want to look into selling your content directly to your audience.

The four monetization strategies are:

  1. Third-party advertisements,
  2. Premium content,
  3. Content monetization platforms,
  4. Monetizing your fan base.
What is your product?Who is your customer?
Third-Party AdsYour audienceAdvertisers
Premium ContentYour contentYour content consumer
Content Monetization PlatformsYour audienceYoutube or Facebook
Monetization strategies


Marketers will pay you to direct your audiences to the promoted products if you sell your audience to them. If you want to include it in your content (product placement) or insert a link into a bespoke landing page (affiliate marketing), then you have two options.

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In addition, you can also integrate ads into your content that direct readers to the products you’re promoting.

Premium content

When you sell content directly to your audience, you’re selling premium content.
Using this feature, they are able to access the content they would not otherwise be able to access. When you earn money from advertising, you do not have to pay for the information you generate for free.

Content monetization platforms

In order to start monetizing your content, you should publish it on a social network. This is probably the easiest way. One of the easiest ways for you to monetize your content is through Facebook and YouTube.

These platforms allow you to place ads on your content in exchange for money. Ad advertisers pay the platform (and they, in turn, pay the platform).

Monetizing your fanbase

By producing new items, you can monetize your audience by selling them to individuals who enjoy your work. Common items, such as T-shirts, mugs, and throw pillows. Patreon is also an option for providing exclusive content and accepting payments. Hence, monetizing your audience and offering premium content is relevant at times.

Content monetization through advertisements

A product placement strategy for monetizing content

You can earn money from your website if you place Ad products on it and monetize it. A business that advertises in your work will provide a guaranteed income for their product. The accounting process is simplified by having this type of arrangement, which also gives you the opportunity to make little profits. 

Content monetization through advertisements
Content monetization through advertisements

Your earnings may be very small if the placement is not successful compared to affiliate advertising.

Furthermore, finding sponsors may be difficult until your brand reaches a certain scale.
It is usually harder for smaller businesses to obtain sponsors than bigger ones using cold-emailing.

Content creators considered “influencers” may attract brands’ attention, but smaller businesses typically have to cold-email potential sponsors and construct their portfolios of brands.

How to monetize content with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing will allow you to encourage users to purchase items and services.
It is important to note that product placement differs from affiliate marketing in that the charge is calculated according to the number of people who purchase the product.

Content monetization through advertisements
Content monetization through advertisements

Sites such as Amazon allow easy registration and creation of affiliate links, making affiliate marketing easier.

Affiliate marketing networks

It isn’t typical for affiliate marketers to cold-email brands about affiliate opportunities.
As an alternative, you can use affiliate networks.

In addition to acting as a gatekeeper, affiliate networks also offer marketing tools. They make sure that your content is on point before letting you join. When accepted, you will be put in front of a wide range of brands, some of which will be household names. And you can earn money if you refer people to them.

There are four excellent affiliate networks that you should check out if you want to get into affiliate marketing. The pros and cons of each differ.

NetworkMinimum PayoutProsDifficulty qualifyingConsBest for
Amazon Associates$100Easy approval process
Wide range of products, making it straightforward to select items your audience will buy
LowRelatively low payout compared to other networks
You’re always linking to Amazon—no option to connect to other brands directly
Relatively new bloggers ready to test the waters
ShareASale$50Ability to connect to major brands like Reebok and the NFL Store
Well-established network with 20 years in the industry
Better pay than Amazon Associates
MediumPays only by check or Payoneer
Harder to qualify for than Amazon Associates
Bloggers with established audiences who want more flexibility than Amazon Associates offers
Impact$50Major SaaS brands not offered by other networks, such as Grammarly, GoPro, and Overstock
Better pay than Amazon Associates
Real-time monitoring
MediumYou must drive a sale in your first 6 months using the service or your account will be deactivated
User dashboard is powerful, but also more complex—expect a learning curve
Bloggers who prefer recommending SaaS products over physical goods
CJ Affiliate??Smaller network featuring many major brands
Extra functionality includes fraud protection, monitoring,
and support for different partnership types (affiliates, ambassadors, sponsorships, influencers, etc.)
Medium-HighImpact does not make it clear what their minimum payouts are
Harder to qualify for than other options on our list
If you’re ready to graduate beyond the common rabble of affiliate networks, Impact could be your next step on the ladder

How to monetize content with PPC

Depending on the PPC ad, the cost can be anywhere between $0.001 and $200 per click.
You determine the quality of your leads based on the product and lead quality offered by the advertiser.

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In addition to paid content marketing, pay-per-click advertising is also an option. It should be clear from the name of the service what a PPC advertisement is for. 

The PPC advertisements appear on a blog or website and for each click of the advertisement, you will receive a payment. There is a possibility that you could charge more to someone selling novelty socks than someone building yachts for billionaires.

PPC is offered in four different flavors:

  • Paid-per-click advertisements track the number of clicks on an ad.
  • Pay per lead calculates how many people click on the ad/become leads.
  • Pay-per-sale models measure the number of people who click on an ad, then turn into leads and purchases.
  • Typically the lowest payout per user is for pay per impressions, which track how often the ad was seen (very few people see this option).

By joining an advertising platform, you can set up PPC advertising. The ad placement is chosen by the system, generally based on the user’s browsing history.

PPC networks for pay per click advertising

NetworkDifficulty qualifyingMinimum withdrawalProsConsBest for
Google AdsenseMedium$100–  Most popular network
– Easy setup if you already have a Google account
– No minimum traffic requirements
Relatively low payoutsBloggers just starting out with PPC
Media.netHigh$100Highly relevant ads based on keywords
Real-time stats and ad customization
Mobile ad support
Higher earnings than competitors
Slow approval process
For approval, you need lots of traffic from North America, the UK, and Europe
Bloggers with well-developed followings and lots of high-quality traffic

InfolinksLow$50Easy approval process
Offers inline and unobtrusive ads for text-heavy sites
Can be used alongside Adsense
Some users have Not a one-stop-shop—Infolinks specialized in certain kinds of ads optimized for text-heavy content.If your blog is text-intensive, you can use Infolinks alongside Adsense to make extra revenue
Easy to get approved, even if Adsense won’t accept your site
Low payout increments
reported negative experiences, such as having their accounts shut down without noticeIf Adsense won’t approve you and you’re willing to roll the dice on a bargain-basement alternative, Bidvertiser offers frequent payouts

Monetizing premium content

Content monetization through digital products

Any digital product that a follower can pay for in order to have access to is considered a digital product.

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You can think of e-books, audiobooks, stock photos, graphics, music, blogs, and media usage rights as examples.

One benefit of using digital products for content monetization is that the raw materials are likely already in the possession of the owner. Is it finally time to finish that giant blog article you’ve been putting off for the past six months? Make it a downloadable document, like an ebook.

Unless your work is already suitable for digital products, it may not be the best option. Putting together a finalized product comparison summary is something you might be able to do if you’re excellent at both writing and videography.

A subscription-based monetization strategy

Providing free content is already half the battle won. It would be helpful for your subscribers if you communicated with them more frequently.

You might increase subscribers to your newsletter by offering gated access to a forum or chat group with your fans if your content appeals to a narrow segment of the audience. Subscribers are important, so you shouldn’t undervalue them.

How to monetize content with online courses

The most effective way to monetize your content is to make online courses available to the public. Internet courses allow you to continue doing what you do best while also allowing you to invest time in online marketing.

You could teach the same things to students via YouTube or your blog, but Tests, projects, and lesson frameworks give them more benefit.

Content monetization platforms

What are some ways to make Facebook pages profitable?

You have a great chance of making money if you run a large Facebook page. The following have been identified as the five most popular methods of monetizing a Facebook page: ads, subscriptions, branded content, and paid online events.

It’s important to check if you can monetize your Facebook pages if you want to earn money from them.

  • In-line ads

If you upload original videos to Facebook, in-line advertisements can help.
Prior to inserting the advertisement, Facebook’s algorithm looks for natural breaks in the action. It depends on why people see the ad and who sponsors the advertising how much money you make.

  • Fan Subscriptions

Facebook fan subscriptions work similarly to Patreon. Subscribers to your Facebook page can access a special badge next to their name if they pay a monthly fee. For example, you may offer them exclusive content or discounts in exchange for their loyalty.

  • “Stars”

Users can buy “stars,” a currency used by live video creators on Facebook that can be sent in payments. You must be both a Facebook member and the administrator of a Facebook page to qualify. In case you are all about streaming, stars might make it easier to make more money while you’re doing it.

  • Paid Online Events

Using paid online events, you can hold seminars, tutorials, or performances on Facebook.
You can think of it as a more predictable method of earning income than stars.

  • Branded Content

Facebook can assist you in locating influencers who can help promote your brand. The majority of brands prefer Facebook pages with a lot of content and an active presence.

Whenever possible, stay away from anything sensitive that could drive sponsors away. Depending on your eligibility, Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager will connect you with brands.

How to monetize YouTube

Among the many options for monetizing content on YouTube, content creators may use advertising revenue, product placement, affiliate marketing, or online courses.

  • Monetize YouTube with ads

Through the ads you place on your YouTube videos, you could earn money if you have a YouTube account. Your account must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours within your first 12 months of operation in order to qualify for the program.

Google’s video guidelines may help you determine whether your content qualifies.

  • Monetize YouTube with product placement

When you are just starting out, getting paid in kind may be your best option. Stacy Fisher of Lifewire has compiled a list of 19 programs that enable customers to give feedback on products. You might be able to get some free material for your next video by joining one of these programs.

  • Monetize YouTube with online courses 

An online course based on your educational YouTube channel can be a great way for your subscribers to learn more and go deeper. Students who attend live classes are often more engaged and passionate since they establish a feeling of community, take action at the moment, and are held accountable.

You should avoid these three mistakes when monetizing your content

If you are motivated enough, you can begin monetizing your work immediately.
For those who are monetizing for the first time, there are three pitfalls to avoid. Try something new without fear, and don’t make the common beginner mistakes.

  • Breaking the law

If you are an Influencers you are required to follow certain rules laid down by the Federal Trade Commission. Whenever you endorse a brand, the FTC requires that you declare any relationships with the brand.

Transparency: Your followers have a right to know if you give them a five-star rating on an app.

  • Focusing on the wrong metrics

When you gain a deeper understanding of content monetization, you can approach larger, better-paying partners for product placement and affiliate marketing.

It’s never too early to start measuring and tracking your content metrics. Focus on the proper metrics for evaluating the performance of your advertisements and affiliate links: average click-through rate, average conversion rate, demographics of your audience, and qualitative information.

  • Trying to trick your followers

You should include a disclosure at the top of your recipe blog if you’re an affiliate marketer.
It is important not to minimize or downplay your earnings from a recommendation, and do not hide your disclosure in the fine print.

According to FTC guidelines, you must be honest with your users, so let them know if you are being paid to endorse a product.

The final word

Get started making free courses on Thinkifc if you are passionate about developing educational content.
Now is the perfect time for you to start earning money off your work. Try different approaches and strategies to make money from your side business until you find what works best.

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