How much does SEO cost in Ghana? – 2022 Pricing

You’ve probably previously looked into various types of digital marketing, such as social media advertising, Google Ads, etc., if only you run a business that you want to develop, grow, and attract more customers and traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization, sometimes known as SEO, is one digital marketing strategy that many more individuals are investigating right now. However, how much does SEO in Ghana cost? What ranges of prices can you anticipate?

For small to medium-sized firms, the typical monthly cost of SEO in Ghana is between GH500 and GH6,000. When necessary, the initial setup charges can be anywhere from GHC 1,000 and GHC 5,000+.

Factors that affect SEO pricing

Although there may be some difference, this is because it can be difficult to estimate SEO prices in general. And there are many reasons for that.

First off, despite the fact that many businesses and digital organizations claim to offer search engine optimization services, very few of them present any information regarding their prices or packages.

More than 90% of the Ghanaian SEO companies we looked at made no mention of the cost of their SEO services.

The fact that SEO is such a vast area with so many variables, though, is a second, more convincing argument. It’s similar to requesting the price of painting a building.

  • So, how big or little is the building?
  • Are you painting the interior and exterior of it?
  • What kind of paint do you have on?
  • How many paint coats are required?
  • How many various shades will be used?
  • How quickly must the work be completed?
  • Will there be any creative elements included?
  • Is the paint work expected to last a year or ten years?
  • Has the structure been painted in any areas yet?
  • Has the structure even been finished?

and on it goes. Any of those answers will have a substantial impact on the project’s overall cost.

Similarly, SEO pricing anywhere in the world is impacted by a myriad of variables.

You’ll find below an explanation of 9 factors that influence the cost of SEO services in Ghana the most.

1. Existence of a website

Your efforts to rank in Google have suddenly become significantly more difficult if you don’t have a website.

You would be forced to rely on platforms owned by others over which you have little influence.

You will mostly only be able to rank for your company name instead of business-related keywords and topics.

As a search engine, Google specializes in locating solutions to queries submitted by users. Therefore, your website’s chances of ranking highly in Google are increased the more queries it addresses.

In addition, people will link to and recommend your website if they find what they’re looking for and believe it’s excellent. Additionally, this will raise your ranking.

But without a website, your efforts to rank in Google have simply become significantly more difficult.

With some keywords and searches, it would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. You would be forced to rely on platforms owned by others over which you have little influence.

As a search engine, Google specializes in locating solutions to queries submitted by users. Therefore, your website’s chances of ranking highly in Google are increased the more queries it addresses.

2. Your website’s architecture and technical state

The second consideration is the quality of your website now that you do have one.

When a website is created, it has the potential to either establish the groundwork for a good SEO future or, conversely, it has the potential to sabotage your efforts even before they begin.

There are a lot of technical issues at play here, like having:

  • No SSL
  • No sitemap
  • Slow loading pages
  • Missing meta tags, title tags, etc
  • Incorrectly configured Robots.txt file
  • Noindex pages
  • Non-canonical versions of pages
  • Unfriendly URLs
  • 404 broken links
  • 500 server errors
  • 302 redirects
  • Duplicate content
  • No structured data

and so on, and so forth.

Even to precisely determine what is happening with a website, a technical audit is required. Your SEO staff will have less work to do initially if your site is technically sound, which could result in lower SEO charges.

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But it will cost extra for your professional to fix all those different problems if there are technical faults everywhere.

The overall architecture of your website is just as important as its technical condition.

Your website’s design, the way pages link to one another, the different taxonomies for pages, posts, articles, galleries, and photos, among other factors, all have a significant role in how well you rank in Google.

For instance, your SEO specialist will need to work on website development to make it possible if your website was created using a CMS (Content Management System) that doesn’t support adding the necessary tags and structured data.

Other websites created using exclusive builders or services could not offer any freedom at all.

In our post on the price of websites in Ghana and the factors affecting those prices, we go into much more detail about all of this.

3. Existence of penalties from Google

If Google has penalized your website, you may have previously used black hat or illegal SEO techniques, as indicated by the penalty.

An SEO tactic known as “black hat” is one that aims to “game the system” and get Google to rank your website higher than it ought to. When Google discovers that, they take it seriously and penalize your site by severely degrading it in the search results.

It takes much skill and understanding to remove that penalty from your website, which could affect how much your SEO campaign costs.

As an alternative, if your website has been compromised and is disseminating malware, Google may severely penalize you. Your entire website could be deindexed by them.

The cost of maintaining your website can be significantly decreased by preventing hacking attempts and ensuring that it is safe from infection.

4. Industry of your business

Some sectors of the economy could care less about SEO and Google rankings. On the other hand, there are some businesses where participation alone brings about competition.

Consider the website business as an example. Just participating puts you in the race with every other website creator to rank highly in Google.

On the other hand, if you search for watch repairmen in Ghana, not a single one of their websites would appear in the top 10. (Surprising!)

Therefore, the amount of SEO work you need to put in can vary depending on the business you work in.

In addition, Google is particularly wary of the financial and healthcare sectors. Sites in these industries are referred to as YMYL (Your Money, Your Life).

Google scrutinizes your content, site, authorship, and everything else about you more closely before you can rank well in the banking or health industries because enabling a charlatan to rank could very well result in terrible financial catastrophes and, in the worst case situation, even death.

5. Competitors in your industry

Even if your company operates in a sector where SEO rankings aren’t often difficult to get, you could nevertheless face fierce competition.

If five formidable companies are vying for the top spot in Google search, you will probably need to invest more resources to overtake them than you would if there were no significant rivals.

Typically, SEO is a winner-take-all industry. Those in the top 3 positions receive about 75% of all traffic.

An examination of the competition must be done in the early phases of working on the SEO of your website in order to develop a plan for how to win out. And if the study reveals that the competition is fierce, it will probably affect your spending.

6. Speed at which results are required

Results in the SEO sector take time to materialize. No matter how good an SEO specialist is, noticeable effects typically take months.

For instance, a research by Ahrefs reveals that it often takes pages on the top page of Google more than a year to get there.

However, if it typically takes a year to obtain a particular set of results, obtaining those same outcomes in less time—preferably within six months—could raise the price of your SEO effort.

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This is so that the SEO specialist working on your website may do far more in a shorter amount of time. More on-page improvements, link building efforts, additions of high-quality material, etc.

7. Keywords to rank for

Starting an SEO project or campaign with the end in mind from the very beginning is crucial. And while there are many different success indicators, one of the most straightforward to evaluate is how well a website does for particular keywords.

Due to the fact that some keywords or phrases are more lucrative or competitive than others, the keywords you decide to rank for can have an effect on the cost of your SEO efforts.

Because it’s a long word with minimal competition, it would be rather simple to rank for black leather crocodile skin purses made in Konongo.

However, you have a fierce battle if your goal is to rank for only the keyword “handbags.” You’ll be competing with numerous multinational companies with billion dollar budgets, including Amazon, Adjoaa, Nordstrom, Asos, Next, Myntra, and many others.

The types of keywords you can reasonably aim to rank for depend greatly on the level of authority your website has achieved and the available money. Even so, it still won’t happen overnight.

8. Website’s user experience

Google ranks websites in their index using a wide range of characteristics. Check out this list of 200+ factors that Google probably uses if you haven’t previously.

User experience is one of a number of crucial variables. Some websites have excellent design. Others have bad design. While some websites load quickly, some are incredibly slow.

Some websites are rarely functional because the content changes frequently or because there are advertisements on top of advertisements.

With their Page Experience and Core Web Vitals measurements, Google uses all these signals to determine a website’s ranking.

They are rating how quickly a visitor may access your website. Whether your pages fluctuate before settling affects how well they rank.

They track things like how long visitors stay on your website, whether they return, what they do while they’re there, etc.

Therefore, if your website’s user experience is poor, the SEO company you choose may also need to focus on enhancing your website’s user experience and even speed performance.

In some circumstances, a complete website makeover would boost your SEO rankings right away.

9. Quality of backlink profile

Do a lot of relevant websites link to your website, giving it a strong backlink profile? Excellent, your SEO project may now cost less.

On the other hand, if your backlink profile is almost nonexistent, you’ll probably also need to run a link-building campaign to secure relevant links that will raise the authority of your website.

You can have a poor backlink profile in addition to having none at all. When your website has risky links pointing to it, whether from questionable domains or links that were purchased, this is known as having a negative or toxic link profile.

If you haven’t already, digging through your whole link profile to maintain the good links and disavow the bad ones is necessary to prevent a Google penalty.

Most of the time, if you don’t know what you’re doing with SEO or you engage a company that uses black hat SEO tactics to try to rank your site, you’ll end up with a terrible or toxic link profile.


While undoubtedly not inexpensive, you can benefit much from having a good understanding of the numerous aspects that affect the SEO costs of your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with the SEO of your website.

Why Choose Us?​

Mxblog24 is one of the top digital marketing firms in Ghana, offering clients both locally and abroad quality services in On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, SEM-(PPC & CPC), and professional digital marketing services.

Our team’s goal at Mxblog24 is to develop inventive, creative solutions that link brands with precisely targeted consumers who become devoted customers. Additional factors include;

– Transparent

Mxblog24 partners all support candid and free communication.

We provide you with regular updates, taking into account both the factors that led to your greatest victories and any areas in which you may do better.

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We recognize that money doesn’t grow on trees in a small business, so you’ll always be aware of what we’re doing with your time and where your money is going.

– Proactive

Despite being one of Ghana’s top digital marketing firms, we always prioritize the expansion and success of your business. We don’t believe in letting our success get us comfortable.

Your demands will be met by a dedicated account manager who has been chosen specifically for you from our team of experts.

They will plan and fuel your daily and monthly efforts, acting as the driving force behind them.

– Flexibility

The majority of digital marketing companies in Ghana will tell you that they are trend-obsessed. On the other hand, trends are only significant if they are important.

Since we are your partner and investor, we at Mxblog24 SEO Agency are completely enamored with your company.

Results are what motivates us, thus we adapt marketing and creative concepts to fit.

Therefore, if switching gears to take advantage of important eCommerce dates or switching to a new platform is in your best interests, we’re prepared to plan and carry out an effective strategy.

– Affordable

Affordable is a relative term, and marketing agency fees in Ghana can make a big difference for a small firm.

Our expertise can make your money work harder for you, minimizing wasted ad expenditure and advising on the most successful, efficient sales channels, regardless of the resources you have.

But, more importantly, we work hard for you, and our proactive style ensures that you get what you need without breaking the bank.

You aren’t growing your business alone when you’re connected to us. We work hard to support the development of your entire team and organization because we have your back.

Therefore, we are the company you need to contact if you’re trying to establish a strong online presence, increase conversions, and generate more money.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Will Mxblog24 SEO Agency Ghana hire me?

Even though we are a digital marketing agency in Ghana, we can still support your company no matter where you are or who your target market is.

We have experience with campaigns at all levels and are very cognizant of the demands and difficulties that come with managing a small business.

We have worked on a variety of digital marketing platforms, so we have the experience and know-how to finish the project.

How long is the term of a partnership?

To guarantee that we have enough time to provide the results and carry out the customized strategy we created for you, we set our terms at 3 or 6 months.

However, we have clients who have been with us for a long time because of our proactive and approachable style.

The best results come from long-term relationships since we look for problems and answers to business issues together.

What Makes Us Unique Compared to Other Digital Marketing Companies in Ghana?

Our essential principles distinguish us.

We aren’t scared to become a part of your team, learn about your industry, pinpoint problems with your operations, and produce fruitful outcomes that actually affect your bottom line.

We are genuinely excited about working with SMEs, thus we take delight in being your company’s strongest advocates.

Can You Help? I’m not sure which channels to start with.

Without a doubt! Whether you are aware of exactly where you need to make up the gaps or you need a total redesign, we can help.

Mxblog24 SEO Agency is aware that you might not have the funds available right immediately to invest in all available channels. We can create a digital strategy tailored to your brand and in line with the KPIs that we jointly decide upon.

The work, tests, and improvements we will carry out each month are outlined in this document, along with the dates we anticipate launching additional channels and seizing bigger chances. To discuss your goals and learn more, schedule a conversation with us or send us an email.

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