Quora Traffic Hack: Get Over 31K Views With Only 9 Answers [How To Steps]

Quora Traffic Hack: Get Over 31K Views With Only 9 Answers [How To Steps]

Hello, everyone! In this blog post, I’d like to reveal my own Quora traffic hack guideline. With only 9 answers, I grew my Quora content views to over 31K in four (4) months.

You might be wondering how I was able to increase the number of views on my Quora post in such a short period of time. Despite the fact that there were only 9 answers, as seen in the image below.

Actually, I wasn’t very active on Quora when it came to answering questions. I simply had to answer nine questions to get over 31K views on my Quora profile.

Some of you, however, may not understand why increasing your Quora post views is beneficial. Please allow me to clarify.

Having a large number of content views on your Quora profile, such as over 31K, can help you gain trust from the Quora community. People may visit your Quora profile to see your background and credibility after reading your answer.

Your Quora content view stat is one of the most important factors in establishing trust in your answers. Why?

On your Quora profile, it’s similar to an authority rating. People will have more faith in your answers if you have over 31K views on your Quora profile.

They’ll begin to track you and look at your website. As a result, they’ll be more likely to click on the link recommendations in your call to action.

Please keep in mind that adding your credential to your Quora profile will help you optimize it. Because every time you post an answer, a Quora reader will see your little credential.

You can, for example, indicate your occupation, experience, or skill. Keep it short and simple so that people know you’re the ideal person to talk to when they’re looking for solutions.

Creating a professional-looking Quora profile is a smart idea.

Getting traffic to Quora content: [How to do it]

Let’s return to the primary topic of my Quora traffic hack now. Within four months, I utilized four techniques to increase my Quora content view to over 31K with only nine answers.

So, here are some of the tactics I use to increase my Quora views.

Strategy 1: Answering Quora’s recent questions

The first method is to answer the most recent Quora questions.

Why do we need to focus on the most recent questions? It’s because, instead of answering questions with 100+ responses, you’ll have a better chance of obtaining an eyeball.

In comparison to old questions, which have over 100 answers, the competition for new questions is low. To rank up your answers, you’ll need a lot of upvotes.

The difficulty is, how do you locate the most recent questions to respond to?

Simply type and input any topic in the Quora search box that you wish to answer.

Let’s imagine you’re looking for questions on the subject of Affiliate Marketing. Then, to receive the most recent questions, sort the time to the prior days or weeks.

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You have a better chance of being chosen if you answer the most recent questions. Because there is little competition for the number of answers, you can easily rank your answer.

Strategy 2: Answer to most popular questions using the Quora ad manager

Another technique for obtaining more views is by answering questions with high weekly views. Perhaps you are wondering where to find questions with a large weekly view count.

To get the data, we’ll use the free Quora ad manager feature. Your Quora profile has a link to the Quora advertisements manager.

Create a new campaign after that. You’ll be directed to the campaign page on the next page, where you’ll be asked to enter the conversion event, aim, and daily budget.

Then click the proceed button. Choose “contextual targeting” as your primary targeting and “questions” as your secondary targeting on the ad settings page.

After you see a targeted question box appear, click “bulk add.” You can search any question for any keyword connected to the niche/topic you’re interested in answering.

Let’s imagine you’re looking for inquiries regarding “Making money online“. As can be seen in the image below, the questions are displayed with weekly data.

The question “what is the easiest way to make money online?” can be seen in the image above.👆

Weekly views range from 5500 to 6500. If we look at the question, it has 11.8K followers and over 100 responses.

Even if you don’t have the option to score your answer, this question has 11.8K followers, which means that new answers are added on a regular basis.

Quora will send email notifications to all of the question’s followers. Because this question has attracted the attention of your followers, some of them will come to examine your answers.

As a result, even the most popular question, which is difficult to rank, will attract more attention.

Because it’s free, this strategy is extremely effective for locating topics with high weekly views on Quora.

Without investing in SEO-paid tools like SEM Rush and Ahrefs, you’ll leverage Quora internal data to acquire weekly views information.

The weekly views statistics offered by Quora are made up of incoming traffic from Google SEO as well as internal traffic from Quora.

You might get lucky and come across other questions with a lot of weekly views but few replies, which will help you rank your answer and gain additional views.

Strategy 3: Answer a question with a ratio of 1:7 to your followers

This third strategy will help you figure out what the ideal follower-to-answer ratio is. The ideal ratio is 7:1, which means seven people for every correct response. In this manner, we may be certain that the question still has a high chance of ranking our response.

Here’s an example of a decent query with a 1:21 answer-to-follower ratio, which is fantastic.

The goal is to establish a threshold value for the ideal ratio that you may use as a guide when responding to Quora’s topic. This guideline does not have to be followed in the letter.

In other circumstances, a smaller ratio, such as 5:1, can be found and is nevertheless considered adequate for answering this issue.

However, it is not a good idea to answer questions with a ratio of followers to answer 1:1 or 1:2, especially if the answer is already old (usually having a decent number of followers and answers).

Please create an exception to this rule when responding to new queries for which there is insufficient data on both the number of followers and the number of answers.

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You don’t have to worry about the ratio rule while you’re answering new questions.

If you notice a question with a high follower count but few answers (7:1), it’s a good sign.

In that situation, rather than answering questions with 100+ replies, it’s an excellent question to be asked. Unless you have unique and high-quality answers, your chances of ranking will be slim.

The 4th strategy involves sharing your answer on related Quora spaces to hijack Quora traffic

Last but not least, I utilized my answer to a relevant Quora Space to hijack my Quora views.

As you can see from my Quora numbers at the start of this blog post, sharing the answer to a similar Quora space resulted in a massive surge in views during a set period of time.

Sharing your answer to a connected Quora space implies that your answers will be visible to many of the Quora spaces followers. As a result, you’ll get a lot of attention from Quora users right away, and it’s completely free.

You may dramatically increase your views if your answer was accepted on the large Quora space, which has roughly 100K+ followers.

The more people who follow the Quora space, the more people will see your answers. To grow your views on Quora, you might try sharing your answer on other Quora spaces with medium to large followers.

The only disadvantage of this option is that you must wait for permission from a Quora space moderator before your shared answers can be accepted.

It may take some time since a moderator will review your response before accepting your submission.

This strategy takes advantage of other people’s Quora space in order to divert attention to our answers. Because you will have more control over your own Quora site, it is also a smart idea to start establishing your own place and expanding your audience there.

BONUS TIP: Get Free Quora Marketing Insight by installing the Q-Stats Chrome Extension.

I’d like to offer a special tip to readers of my blog. Q-Stats is a free chrome extension that you can install. This software will provide you with free marketing insights for every topic you ask on Quora.

Q-Stats will provide you with data on the question, including average monthly views, number of answers, followers, and topics connected to the answer.

Here’s a quick rundown of each stat used to calculate the ranking opportunity score on Q-Stats.

  • The average monthly views become the main sign of how relevant the questions are to date, as well as whether or not people are still actively looking for an answer to that particular topic.
  • The number of answers you provide will impact your chances of being ranked. If you see an answer with more than 100 responses, your chances of ranking decrease.
  • Followers will tell you the number of people who are interested in learning the solution to a given query. As I previously stated, when you answer questions with a large number of followers, they will receive notifications of new replies, and some of them will visit your answer and upvote it, which can be one of the ranking considerations.
  • The number of similar subjects will tell you how many other topics are linked to this one. The more linked subjects you have, the more likely you are to appear in other feeds.
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The average monthly views and the number of answers will be used by Q-Stats to determine the opportunity rating. Meanwhile, the number of followers and similar topics will be used as a supplementary computation.

The opportunity rating score will be a one-to-five-star summary of the overall score of the specific inquiry. It will assist you in determining whether the questions have the potential to rank highly on Quora.

The greater the star rating, the more likely your answer will be ranked. That’s all I have to say about my Quora traffic technique, which helped me increase my Quora content views to over 31K in four months with only nine answers.

All of the tactics listed above will help you expand your Quora audience.

Results from Quora: What About Your Website Traffic?

If you ask me how much traffic I get to my own blog since using this method, I’ll tell you that it isn’t a lot.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of visitors because I didn’t connect to my site because I followed the guideline that I could only place one link on each of the five questions I answered.

Because I want to offer value first in the Quora community, I only added one link to my site from nine answers in my situation. You can read this article if you want to concentrate on getting traffic to your site from Quora.

The good news is that by applying this method to increase my content views, I was able to earn my first Quora affiliate sales without having to answer any questions.

You may read about 4 Keys For Bloggers To Make More Money From Affiliate Marketing. My Quora profile serves as my landing page, where I organize all of my blog links and categorize them so that Quora users can choose whatever post they want to read when they visit my profile.

If you provide a valuable response, some people will come to check out your Quora page. You may also include a footer at the conclusion of your answer to encourage readers to visit your Quora profile if they want to read more of your articles.

You can get traffic to your blog and make sales this way as well, though not as much as if you posted a link right on your answer.


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In a nutshell, increasing the number of views on your Quora content will help you establish credibility in the Quora community and encourage people to believe your response, including your link recommendation.

With only 9 answers, I was able to boost my Quora views to over 31K in a short period of time using those four tactics (without being too active in Quora).

The fourth method, publishing your answer in different Quora spaces, is a game-changer that can rapidly increase your Quora content views.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about how to increase your Quora content views using a Quora traffic hack. Please contact me if you have any further inquiries. Please leave a comment below. Thank you very much!


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