Why Are Your Organic Keywords In Google Dropping?

You probably know that keywords are critical when it comes to correctly leveraging digital marketing to build your online presence.

But did you know that there are two types of keywords?

That’s right. There is a distinction to be made between:

Keywords research
  • Organic
  • Paid advertising keywords

when it comes to SEO.

We’ve put up this quick tutorial to help you fully comprehend the procedure, providing details on what each one performs and why it’s vital to select them correctly.

We’ll also go over some recommended practices to ensure your site is using the correct ones.

Are you ready to learn how organic keywords can help you gain new clients and increase website traffic? Let’s get this celebration going.

What exactly are organic keywords?

Organic keywords are those that are used in search engine optimization to promote organic traffic.

Isn’t it apparent that it’s simple?

If you’ve ever written a blog article around a specific primary keyword or included specific search phrases in a page’s meta description, you’ve worked with organic keywords.

Organic keywords are typically employed in any on-page SEO you do around a certain topic or phrase.

Do organic keywords matter?

Organic keywords are essential for informing search engines about the content of a page, as well as being an important part of the information you provide viewers.

If you’re adding a section to your website about zero-turn lawn mowers, for example, include terms that clarify what they can do and why owning one is advantageous.

When search engines crawl your site, they’ll notice those organic keywords and consider you for SERP rankings.

When a potential customer searches for information on zero-turn lawnmowers, your content will appear.

After all, that is what search engine optimization is all about.

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While one or two keywords may only bring in a little quantity of traffic, a full website optimized with rich organic phrases could become a substantial growth driver for your business over time.

This is why choosing them properly and appropriately might help you achieve better results.

In general, PPC keywords vs. Organic keywords!

Again, not all keywords are created equal.

Organic keywords, such as the ones we just looked at, and pay-per-click (PPC) keywords are two types of keywords.

PPC keywords are similar to organic keywords, but they differ in that they act as a trigger for your paid ad to appear on Google.

This means you’ll be charged a fee each time your ad is shown (impressions) or clicked.

On the other side, organic keywords are entirely free. You are not compensated if your page shows in the SERPs.

Many digital marketers become bewildered at this point.

You can use the same keywords in your PPC ads as you do in your organic content.

After all, people are seeking for specific terms to find specific information or things.

The placement of your link in the SERPs has a significant impact.

If you conduct a PPC campaign, your sponsored advertising will appear near the top of the results with an ad designation. It could be found in any of the organic lists.

The difference between organic and PPC keywords is simply the type of traffic you get and whether you have to pay for it.

Organic Keywords Analysis

If organic keywords are so crucial, how do you find the best organic keywords to include in your article?

In actuality, there are two aspects to consider:

  • Identifying your target market.
  • Take into account where they are in the client journey.

Before you can create content that is exactly tailored to their needs, you must first decide who you want to target and how the product or service you’re providing satisfies their needs.


If required, create a buyer persona or two to better understand their attitude and demographics.

Then decide where they should begin the buying process.

Are they still considering a purchase but need more information before making a decision? Or are they ready and waiting to get started?

These two criteria are important in organic keyword research since they help you filter down which keywords to investigate during the research process.

You may then use nearly any keyword research tool you choose.

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that many digital marketers utilize. SEMrush and other similar systems are also potential solutions.

Simply ensure that any term you choose has a respectable amount of traffic, as well as any related keywords.

If you’re targeting buyers of zero-turn lawn mowers, for example, you may try keywords like PC gamer or laptop gamer to see which brings in the most organic traffic.

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Best strategies for organic keywords

1. Create useful content

Many digital marketers appear to fall short when it comes to creating content with organic keywords.

They get so caught up in how many people they can fit in with that they forget that it will eventually be read by real people.

However, using high-quality materials is usually a smart idea.

Examine whether you’ve invested thought, effort, and time into your work.

Sprinkle the keywords in as a bonus, as if they were icing on a cake. Finally, you’ll build a reputation as a knowledgeable resource, which will help you improve your SERP rankings.

2. Low keywords vs high keywords

Every firm wants to rank for a few essential keywords on the first page of Google.

Obviously, you want them. Your rivals, on the other hand, have a substantial advertising and content production budget. Yikes.

That’s why knowing when to go after the big organic keywords and when to go for the smaller ones with less monthly traffic but less competition is vital.

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Combining the two is a good way to reach out to the sub-audience that most larger companies and corporations are too busy or enormous to address.

Because these clients and users are equally important, meeting their needs is simple without having to compete with major corporations.

3. New stuff is always welcome.

The significance of organic traffic in your company’s growth cannot be emphasized.

However, it may be tempting to copy information from other parts of your website or even product descriptions from manufacturers.

This is a bad idea because it could lead to a duplicate content penalty from Google, which would affect your overall rankings.

Instead, make sure you’re publishing new content with fresh keywords wherever possible.

Also, make sure your meta descriptions and titles include your primary word.

Most common organic keywords drop?

A recent search algorithm update is the most prevalent reason for a sudden drop in website traffic.

Other acceptable reasons for a drop in website traffic include:

  • Penalties
  • Redirection
  • Errors in robots.txt files
  • Ranking losses.

Here are the 12 cases for dropping organic keywords:

  • Algorithm updates
  • Tracking errors
  • Robots.txt error
  • Redirects
  • Crawl errors
  • Ranking losses
  • XML sitemap changes
  • Manual penalties
  • De-indexing
  • Cannibalization
  • SERP layout changes
  • Backlinks loss


It’s upsetting to observe a drop in website traffic, but there’s always a reason, and if there is, it can usually be fixed.

If you only remember one thing from this article, it’s that a sudden drop could be caused by a number of things or even just one important traffic-rich page that has vanished from the index.

You’ll be able to quickly identify the root of the problem and design a recovery strategy if you look into every possible route.

Now that you know the difference between organic and paid search phrases, it’s time to evaluate how effectively your current website content is performing.

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