My Secret to Over 5k Views in my First Month of Blogging

In my first month (literally 27 days) of blogging, I received over 5000 views (5327). Now I’ll explain how to do it. 

I didn’t spend any money on advertising and didn’t employ any of the popular SEO techniques.

I followed these four steps to achieve my goal:

1) Choose an audience,

2) Research similar audiences,

3) Write for those audiences,

4) Share with your selected audience.

Introduction and Background

I write about SEO and Content Monetization on my blog. I purchased my domain name in June of this year and created a home page and a about me page.

Is this the first month of the year? Because my first few months with it were a false start, I consider it the first month.

I wasn’t publishing anything, and the only reason I got any views was because I informed a few friends about it. I didn’t have any posts.

You can see for yourself by scrolling through my blog that I didn’t publish anything till November 1st. This is a screenshot of my blog analytics as of November 27th, 2021.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you want to understand how to increase the number of people that visit your blog.

You’ve most likely read a number of articles on SEO and how to establish a blog. In the months leading up to my start, I did.

You don’t need an SEO specialist, sponsored promotion, or backlinks to succeed. What you do need to know is who you’re talking to.

For those unfamiliar with the term, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and it refers to a method of increasing the visibility of your postings on search engines.

Misconceptions About Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

Many “SEO gurus” and “SEO firms” will tell you that they can “improve your ranking” or whatever with SEO, but it will take 3 to 6 months.

I worked with a digital marketing business that claimed to be “SEO gurus” and created a company (that failed) last year.

That was a complete disaster. I spent a lot of money on absolutely nothing. After that encounter, I resolved to conduct my own SEO study.

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Let me be clear: SEO is genuine, but a lot of so-called “SEO gurus” aren’t.

I started researching about SEO content, and I’ll just summarize all I’ve learned about SEO and applied to my works here.

  • Use a title that is long enough (somewhere between 50 and 60 characters)
  • Write a readable article of at least 300 words but no more than 3000 words (typically).
  • If you have a keyword, repeat it several times, ideally 8–12 times.
  • Build backlinks (do not fall into the trap of purchasing them) This can also be done internally.
  • Consistently publish content

To get started and quickly scale up your site, that’s pretty much all you need to know about SEO. In the first 27 days, I created 0 external backlinks.

I didn’t do anything like that, like post to other blogs. I’m going to start doing that right now, and we’ll see how it goes in the next post!

Another point I’d want to make is that it should not take 3 to 6 months to see SEO results, as evidenced by the data.

If you don’t see a rise in traffic and ranks at the end of the first week (or the first couple of articles), the person or team you hired isn’t doing SEO correctly.

Let’s look at ways to obtain more than 5000 views in your first month of blogging.

Choose a target audience.

The first step is to choose a target audience. Don’t choose many audiences; instead, choose one for now and expand afterwards.

It’s important to note that this is not the same as choosing a specialty. We’re not choosing a topic to write about; we’re choosing the individuals for whom we want to write.

Because this is such a crucial distinction, I’ll repeat it. We’re not choosing a topic to write about; we’re choosing people for whom to write.

  • What is the significance of this?
  • Who actually reads blog posts?
  • Is it individuals or subjects?

This blog post, for example, is for folks who want to earn more than 5000 views in their first month of blogging.

This blog’s topic is a strategy for growing your blog, possibly the greatest technique. However, I did not select to write about it because I was interested in the topic.

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I opted to write about this because I know there are others out there who, like me, want to learn how to expand their site quickly. I’ve been there before. I used to be one of you.

I wanted to establish a blog during the first three months I owned the domain, but I didn’t know how.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: it was difficult. I couldn’t decide what to do. I was filled with fear and uncertainty.

Now that I’ve overcome my fears and uncertainties, I’d like to assist others in overcoming theirs. It’s not as difficult as it appears. All it takes is some decent planning and execution.

People who are similar to you are the simplest to target. That’s exactly what I did. I made the decision to write for those who shared my interests.

I’m interested in learning to SEO (Rank in Google first page), creating amazing user friendly website, and working as a freelance content creator. So, my blog is for those who want to learn how to SEO, create websites, and work as independent content creators.

Find Audiences Who Share Your Interests

Now that you’ve determined your primary target, you’ll want to consider other audiences.

But, Oware, shouldn’t I start with my core audience?

That’s obvious, but guess what? You’ll notice that everyone has a variety of interests.

Why wouldn’t you mix two hobbies into a single post if you can? You can then draw related audiences as a result of this.

Let’s have a look at my own blog as an example. I worked as a SEO content creator for Mxblog24, which offers me a lot of credibility and knowledge of the industry.

Even though I no longer wish to be a web developer, many people who enjoy coding wish to be software engineers.

How did I enhance my content to engage to folks who want to be SEO expect as well as coders? I simply began to learn from my first audience.

I started looking at online SEO groups and noticed that, well, a lot of these folks are learning SEO in order to get traffic. In my experience, SEO can cover a wide range of topics.

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I chose to begin by simply using on-page-SEO because that is what I was familiar with. As I created additional content, I considered how I could incorporate new topics.

For this reason, I designed my own comprehensive SEO blog. To include Deep SEO content writing (I am one of them).

People want and need to see amazing software being developed so that they can copy it and be inspired by it. You are subjected to the same technique.

Let’s pretend you want to play Dungeons and Dragons. You can turn that into a fantastic blog. Take a look at Critical Role, for example.

By mixing things in, you can expand from that audience of DnD fans to other audiences.

You could, for example, compare Dungeons & Dragons to an RPG game in real life. Alternatively, you may compare DnD to another tabletop game.

You may certainly deduce that Dungeons & Dragons aficionados also enjoy games like Magic the Gathering or something similar.

Write for the Audiences You’ve Selected

The hardest element, in my opinion, is choosing your audience and discovering related audiences.

It was simple to come up with topics to write about after that. Personally, I started with roughly 70 ideas and continued to add to my list as I wrote.

The comments I’ve received has inspired me to come up with new ideas. I’ve also started connecting with my readers directly, and some have even requested specific topics!

It can be difficult to come up with topics and write about them, but if you do so with your audience in mind, you can simply apply these tactics to grow your own blog.

Remember to keep your postings constant. You can’t grow a blog if you don’t have any content.

Alright my Friends and other content providers, best of luck. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below!

Promote Your Content

This one should be self-explanatory, but I felt compelled to include it after re-reading my draft.

Share your content with the people you want to see it. How are people meant to read information if you don’t tell them you’ve written it?

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I am an African from Ghana who loves to read and code. As a result of being on the internet, my life has changed and this blog is about my experience building an online business with free offers and motivating and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

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