Local SEO Map Embeds

Pin Your Business on Google Maps with Local SEO Map Embeds

Following the best SEO tactics will ensure that your company appears in search results. Local SEO map embeds, on the other hand, is the ideal strategy to serve people in your area if you’re a local business with a physical location.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the introduction of Local SEO Maps embeds to our Local Business addon for All in One SEO Pro subscribers.

Let’s get right in and explore how this powerful new feature, as well as a few other exciting upgrades, can help local customers find your business.

New Local SEO Map Embeds

Adding your business to the map makes sense because internet consumers visit 1.5 billion locations relevant to their Google searches each month.

As a result, you can now incorporate smart Google Maps right on your website with this new upgrade for our Local Business plugin. Users will be able to see your physical location at a glance as a result of this.

By going to the Maps tab in your Local SEO panel, you can build maps for your main business location or several locations.

To generate a preview, simply add your Google Maps API key. Our Google Maps for SEO instructions will show you how to do this.

You can modify the design of your map in the Map Settings panel and choose from a Roadmap, Hybrid, Satellite, or Terrain map.

As soon as you select a map style, the Map Preview changes to show you what your map will look like.

You may also add a custom map marker to your map to customize it with your logo or a brand mascot image, for example.

Adding Locations to the Map ( Local SEO map embeds)

Do you only want to see a map for one location? Simply click “No” next to the option “Multiple Locations.”

Then go ahead and enter your location query in the address search field.

Local SEO map embeds

But what if you want customers to be able to find several business addresses? Set the Multiple Location option to “Yes” in that scenario.

Then, in your WordPress Dashboard, go to the Locations menu item and create a new location.

Local SEO map embeds

Let’s imagine you have many retail locations, such as Store A, Store B, and Store C, and you’re using Local Business for them. To do so, establish new locations for each store and manually enter their addresses to pin them to the map.

We’ve also made it very simple to embed your Google Maps anywhere on your website, in addition to these exciting changes.

You can use a shortcode, a WordPress block, or a widget to have greater control. You can embed your Maps in any post, page, or widget-ready area using these choices.

Local SEO map embeds

You can also utilize a PHP code snippet to publish Local SEO Maps if you’re a more sophisticated user. This is a fantastic method to integrate Google Maps into your custom theme.

But the good news doesn’t end there…

Tips For Improving Your Publish Panel’s SEO

We’ve included an extremely useful tips panel inside the WordPress editor for both Lite and Pro users, in addition to the slick new map embeds.

When you publish or edit a content, a helpful sidebar panel will appear, providing a quick overview of the most essential SEO criteria.

Local SEO map embeds

To put it another way, you can check how effectively your post is optimized for search engines at a glance.

The SEO Tips panel is divided into four sections:

  • Visibility – Whether search engines are allowed to index your post.
  • SEO Analysis – Your TruSEO score and basic SEO benchmarks.
  • Readability – Your content length, reading difficulty, and use of video and images.
  • Focus Keyphrase – The score of your main keyphrase.
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The good news is that you can update any item on the list directly in that panel by clicking it.

Local SEO map embeds

For example, instead of navigating to the bottom of your page and utilizing the traditional All in One SEO settings window, you can simply click that heading and change your target keyword right there.

Finally, tiny tweaks that can greatly impact how your content ranks in search engines can be made with only a few clicks.

Today is the last day to update All in One SEO.

This concludes this update. We hope you find these features as enjoyable as we do. Don’t worry if the information you’re looking for isn’t included in today’s release. Stay tuned because we have a lot of great things in the pipeline.

Local SEO Maps embeds are now available for Pro users who have access to the Local SEO addon, while Lite and Pro users can immediately access the SEO Tips panel. So, if you want to try them out, you’ll need to upgrade the plugin.

The feedback we receive from our consumers is extremely valuable to us. Please keep the feature requests and feedback coming, and don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas!

And, if you haven’t already, click here to start using All in One SEO right away!

Thank you for continuing to support us in our efforts to produce the greatest WordPress SEO plugin!

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