Interview questions for SEO jobs.

Asking the right questions can help you determine whether an applicant is the best fit for SEO jobs.📈 If you need assistance determining this, here are some SEO interview questions.

When evaluating a candidate, a decent resume is a terrific place to start, but certifications, years on the job, and degrees can frequently mask an applicant’s genuine abilities.

Whether it’s candidates exaggerating their accomplishments or candidates succumbing to imposter syndrome and downplaying their abilities, the interview is frequently the spot to discover about a candidate’s compatibility.

These questions were created to help us understand where a candidate comes from and to start a conversation to see whether they would be a good fit.

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1. What interests you about applying for this position?

For a reason, this is a popular first question to ask in an interview: it gets right to the heart of why they’re there.

The responses can be different.

They may, for example, talk about their SEO skills and experience. Or they may have been pulled to your organization despite having minimal experience with SEO but a strong desire to work for you and take on the difficulties.

You’ll learn a lot about their engagement regardless of how they respond.

2. How long have you studied and worked with SEO?

The amount of SEO experience a candidate has may have surprisingly little bearing on their ability to get results.

In any case, this question is a great way to gauge not only their experience with SEO, but what inspired them to get into it, and whether or not they are still studying it.

3. Can you tell us how your specific experience will benefit us?

The answer to this question goes to the core of the previous question. In order to determine whether a candidate will add value to your company, you must know what they offer.

Perhaps they don’t recognize their own value and there is not much value they can offer.

4. Tell us about your dream job in digital marketing (or any other job).

Ask the candidate to tell you exactly what they would love to accomplish every day to see whether it is similar to what they would do for you.

If the candidate’s dream job has little in common with the job you’re hiring for, you should probably put them on the “No” list.

However, if the two are compatible, you may have found a perfect match.

5. Are there any aspects of SEO that appeal to you? What motivates you to do what you do?

This is an excellent question to use to determine the candidate’s experience in the industry and with your organization.

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If they don’t care about SEO, they might be applying for this job as a stepping stone to something else.

It’s up to you whether or not it matters.

6. How Does Your Average Week/Day at Work Look Like?

Allow the candidate to describe what they expect the position to be like or what their current employment is like in this section.

Is the candidate satisfied with their current work, and does it reflect what they will accomplish for you?

This should be a conversation; also, let them know how a typical day or week in the role you’re looking for will go!

7. In your current job, what is one thing you really enjoy doing each day?

No matter whether candidates are a good fit, or if they are willing to do the work they don’t enjoy, you want them to have things they enjoy in their jobs.

It is important you make sure you can provide them with what they most enjoy in a job when they work for you.

The only way to resolve this is by leaving, in which case they can do so immediately!

8. Which particular area of SEO do you have expertise in? Or are you particularly knowledgeable about?

It will probably be the same, but not always, answer to this question.

If it isn’t, that’s probably the one thing you would love to expect if you had the chance.

Then the question is whether you can give them that chance.

9. How specific are your SEO skills? Which verticals are you experienced in?

This brings you to the full range and associated vertical experience of SEO.

You don’t all seek the status of an expert, but only to see what their background is.

Do you look for what that is?

10. What Would You Rate Your Own SEO Experience on a Scale of 1 to 10?

I love questions about self-assessment. You will have an assessment of their skills and experience on the basis of all these questions.

See if they think they are in line with that.

You might have problems later on if you have somebody that overprices itself. And if you underestimate yourself, you can evaluate how your other skills are described.

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11. To achieve the next level, what must you do?

Assuming that 10 out of 10 in the previous question didn’t rate themselves, improvement is always available.

This is where you decide if they know how much room they have to grow. They also lay the groundwork for the challenge.

12. What Do You Do to Stay Organized and on Task?

Learn a little about the candidates’ process for tackling SEO assignments.

It is also important to pay attention to warning signs of lack of organization and a fly-by-night attitude.

13. Can you describe what kind of sites you have worked on, and how much time have you put in?

You will be able to gain a better understanding of the work they have done in the past by answering this question.

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To see specific results and learn how their involvement contributed to those results, the person should be able to pull up some examples for you to review.

14. Do you have any experience with particular programming languages?

You’re interested in more than simply the languages; you’re interested in the scope of their experience and understanding of each.

Although none of them may be a deal-breaker for you, knowing about them will help you evaluate their total value to your firm.

15. Can you tell me about the CMSs you are familiar with?

We inquired about the candidates’ preferred content management system in the knowledge-based interview questions.

We’d like to know what systems they’ve worked on within the past and to what extent.

Even if they prefer a single CMS, a well-rounded applicant will have familiarity with numerous CMSs.

16. What Are Your Thoughts About Link Building?

Link building can be an important component of an SEO strategy, but it can also be a gateway to black-hat SEO tactics that can get a site into serious difficulty.

You should also learn about your candidate’s link-building strategy.

Do they, for example, develop and promote content? Do they comprehend the concept of link reclamation? Do they understand the significance of linkages and how different types of links work?

17. Can you tell me more about your experience with social media, content development, and analytics?

Is there any experience outside of SEO that the candidate has?

Even if you aren’t recruiting someone for those other areas, the SEO professional may be required to execute some of those tasks on occasion.

Their level of expertise in these areas has the potential to tip the scales in their favor.

But beware: if they excel in another area, it will almost certainly come at the expense of their SEO abilities.

18. Do you have any related skills that are not technically related to SEO?

Is the candidate capable of writing informative blog posts?

Do they have a great sense of what constitutes a terrible link?

Are they capable of collaborating with other developers to complete projects?

There are several non-technical talents that are useful in SEO. This is the time for the candidate to explain who they are and why they are important.

19. How well do you know technical SEO?

Is the candidate merely capable of conducting a review and providing suggestions, or is he or she also capable of putting the recommendations into action?

Although not every SEO has developer-level expertise, they should be able to use some technical SEO skills.

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20. What is your preferred SEO tool and why?

Every SEO has a set of tools that they prefer to use. They may or may not be the tools you use, but this is a great opportunity to learn why they chose one tool over the other.

You should also consider if they would be able to do their duties efficiently if that instrument were no longer available.

21. How Can a Site Avoid Being Indexed by Google?

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. When answering the knowledge-based questions, they should have been able to outline the various strategies.

This is an opportunity to delve a little more into why they would choose one over the other and in which circumstances.

22. Can You Build Your Own Tools to Help With Your SEO Efforts?

Most SEO professionals aren’t technologically advanced enough to create their own tools, so don’t worry if they haven’t.

If you said yes, find out what the tools were used for and if they would be carrying them with them.

23. Think about the average ecommerce site. If you wanted a successful digital marketing campaign, how many hours do you think you would need to spend each month to do that?

The answer will be based on a number of elements, but let the candidate define those factors and try to come up with a solution.

The number of hours should be within the scope of reason based on the criteria they outline.

24. Which Steps Do You Take to Adapt to Different Clients’ Needs?

This is a question for agencies, but it may also be applicable for an in-house SEO who will be handling many brand sites.

Some SEO professionals have a hard time transitioning from one client or brand to the next. You want to see if this person can handle these transitions, which can happen several times a day, if not an hour.

Also keep in mind that if you’re searching for an in-house position, a candidate with an agency history can become bored working on a single customer. Let’s have a look at this.


Understanding the backgrounds of your candidates is important to the hiring process.

You are not obligated to answer all of the questions. However, you should ask enough questions to get a good idea of the candidate’s real-world digital marketing experience.

The more you understand their situation, the better. Continue to ask questions until you’re sure you’re a good match for the prospect – and they’re a good match for your firm.


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