Within a second you can start up a business or loss a business. Just like the fertility and mortality of humans. This time, I am here to assist you with IDEAS TO START-UP A BUSINESS and deliver your own business at ease.

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The question is, does everyone qualify to start a business?

Yes, that is the correct answer.

In a business setup, there is no qualification needed. But there should be knowledge that acts as a driving force for its sustainability.

The easiest action on earth is to start a business, meanwhile, to sustain a business is the most tremendous task on earth. Thank God we have the means to start and sustain our business.

Have you ever asked yourself … what a business is?


The word business is so common to hear from others as we also use it in daily languages. But what is it at all?

The business has a domain name ‘busi’=busy which is a verb whiles business remains a noun. The busy means an act of being busy, thus doing something else seriously which consume and spend most of your resources.

This means what consumes or spends most of your resources becomes your business, in the actual sense.

For instance, a student becomes busy with his or her studies therefore the studies turn to be his or her business. I made mention that business consumes or spends your resources, what resources am I talking about?

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Are they forest resources, mineral resources, human resources, or what?

You are right to think of mineral resources and others but I prefer you think about what you spend or waste daily.

What you spend or waste daily becomes your resources and such resources are what every business demands.

Why Spend? Or Waste? When you use something to meet expected demand, what you use becomes ‘waste’ when does not satisfy the demand, however, it becomes ‘spend’ when satisfies the demand.

Business is what consumes much of your resources such as; abstract resources-time, intelligence, strength, skills, knowledge, among others, material resources-food, clothes, machines, money, and more.

Now you could see that business itself does not make any profit to you naturally.

It takes you to make more profits from your business. And this phenomenon does not happen for happen sake, it demands exhausted strength before it happens.

We shall learn how to channel our own business to your profits. Before then, let us go to how to set a business.

As we have learned, business is so broad that it is not about only profit earning. But you should know; how, what, why, and when of your business to incorporate into your expectation.

Every business starts from the mind – psychological status either in form of ideas or visions or inspirations.

Sometimes business is started as a result of our environment or situation. If you want to start a business the first thing to do is to check in your environment the effect or impacts that your very own business will generate.

Do not be selfish think about the environment as well.

Personal/Self Industry: everyone has a unique feature that can lead us into a business establishment. That unique feature can be your talent, gift, skills, attitude, personality, or lifestyle.

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Yes, check for what you have and convert it into business.

How to know what you have?

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Pay attention to what you normally do unconsciously, what you do with enthusiasm, and what you wish, want, or like to do with no tangible reasons.

When these three catalysts are founded, you can choose one as a building block for self-industrialization.

Self-industrialization is a kind of business set by an individual out of what the individual can do.

For instance, an individual realizes that he/she can draw pictures very well, and out of this realization he/she sets his/her art business in the artistic industry.

Self-industrialization is the most common business and is characterized by a sole proprietorship.

This is the time to come out with your business; out of what you can do, out of what you have, and out of what you want to go.

The first approach to set a business is to check what you can do.

What can you do?

It is not about the resources you have, it is all about what you can do.

If you have plentiful resources and you do not know what you can use resources to do, it is empty there is a need to discover what you can do first.

The second approach is to know available resources meant to be spent on your business.

After discovering what you can do, start finding out available and non-available resources needed to carry such business successfully.

There are two types of resources; available and non-available resources which are needed to feed a business.

Available resources are those resources you can easily get at a pace. However, there are other needed resources you will hard to get them so the best means to get them is to improvise, these resources are called non-available resources.

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The available resources might be in form of materials and abstracts which you can easily consume or spend for the business’s sake.

But, the non-available resources demand extra activities before they can be obtained to feed the business.

They are improvised, created, designed, or manufactured for the sake of the business, not for other purposes.

This means when you need something in case of resources, but that resource is not available make sure you create one to substitute the original one for smooth business administration.

Last to go, now you know; what you can do and its related resources what is left is to enter into the production stage.

How to channel your industry into production machinery.

Production is a state of bringing out goods and/or services. How can you lead your business into the production stage?

Remember, the production seems a very easy stage in the business phenomenon but that stage can metamorphose your motive behind the business into something else.

When your production is what you are expecting, then you are ready to go. However, when your production is inverse to your expectation then you ought to quickly take a solution.

How to channel a business into monetization or profits is written in PART 2 of IDEAS TO START-UP A BUSINESS?🤝

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