Best Ways to Monetize Instagram in 2021

Instagram began in October 2010 as a simple social platform where users could share photos: a little bit of last Friday’s party here, a cute couple shot there. As well as a nice collection of cats.

Today, it is nearly impossible to introduce it without advertising, influencers, filter presets, and well-designed layouts.

In 2021, Instagram is so much more than a picture-sharing app – it’s a platform to make money. Despite Instagram’s young age, the platform has become the world’s third-largest social media platform. Kylie Jenner’s posts alone have generated over $1 million in traditional advertising revenue. 

How To Monetize Instagram In 2021

The good news is that you don’t have to be heir to the Kardashian fortune to monetize your Instagram account. The only thing you need is a solid following and a little e-commerce expertise.

There’s strength in numbers: The more followers you have, the better. But there’s more to it than that. However, that isn’t entirely accurate.

If you buy 20,000 bots, you will have a lot of followers. But bots cannot interact with the content. And what’s the point of posting that your audience can’t interact with? Real social media strength is engaging.

Followers share your posts, commenting regularly, tagging their friends … All of these factors can make you money – whether you have 500 followers or 500,000.

Any of the strategies we are talking about today rely on this active human following for success. The first thing you should do is to read up on the topic “Interaction Rate.”

By taking your total number of likes and comments, divided by your followers, multiplied by 100, you can calculate Engagement Rate. As a reference, a 2-3% engagement rate is considered average, while a 4-6% rate is considered high. You can also calculate Engagement Rate using a variety of tools, such as this one from phalanx.

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Here are new ways to make money from your Instagram ( Ways to increase engagement with personalized posts.)

Ok, you’ve got loyal followers and active followers, and your engagement rate is somewhat impressive (-ish). So what’s next? Well … that depends on you.

How To Monetize Instagram In 2021
How To Monetize Instagram In 2021

Perhaps you should consider collaborating with brands such as “influencers.” Maybe you enjoy working alone. We’ve gathered seven monetization methods you can use in 2021 to make things easy.

There’s no need to limit yourself to just one! When it comes to making money, you know more is better.

Sponsored posts.

This is a complete guide for beginners on how to sell on Instagram with sponsored posts. Sponsored Posts are similar to regular editorial content, but instead of promoting the avocado toast of your favorite, you take a fee equivalent to a product that an advertiser offers.

A brand loves this form of marketing because consumers trust an impartial third party more than traditional advertising.

When you are selling a product, influencers even touch on some of the limitations of that product. Although it appears appealing on the front end, the authenticity of this type of promotion goes beyond a post singling out the praises of its sponsor.

Check out and TRIBE to find brands that might be open to collaboration. These platforms help you partner with brands that you already brand with or you’d like to work with in the future.

How To Monetize Instagram In 2021
How To Monetize Instagram In 2021

Selling some merchandise

How about selling some merchandise? Who doesn’t enjoy a little merch each now and then? Tons of Instagram influencers monetize their followers by selling their goods.

Perhaps you draw comics – trying to come up with merchandise using your characters. If you are a lifestyle blogger, do you get a lot of questions about your photo filter? Why not make them available on your channel for a small fee?

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Branded items are yet another option that fits all types of Instagram users.

Throw your logo on t-shirts, mugs – anything that’s easy to print – and sell your brand as the product. And when you have a premium Ecwid account, that’s never been easier thanks to the Printful app, available today in Ecwid App Store.

Best Ways to Monetize Instagram in 2021

Upload your logo, and Printful will create your branded items on request through your Ecwid store drop shipper.

No ordering minima or commitments are required. It’s awesome and included for free with every premium subscription. Make your product and sell it You thought probably about creating your products at one point or another.

So what’s stopping the products that sell on Instagram range from clothing to furniture. Also try out Ecwid’s Instagram Shoppable Posts, which allow customers to complete purchases on the Instagram app.

More: Selling On Instagram: How Ecwid Merchants Can Now Reach 1 Billion Shoppers Teach What You Know To Help Your Audience Use Your Niche Skills Like Courses or downloadable tours of the offer. new languages, healthy eating, photo editing … whatever your expertise can.

Use your Instagram bio to direct potential customers to a business email or link to your website.

How To Monetize Instagram In 2021
How To Monetize Instagram In 2021

Create videos, challenges, or marathons, To keep your target audience interested.

Throw giveaways

Throw giveaways or giveaways and competitions can help you expand your audience and promote your growing online business to potential customers.

How To Monetize Instagram In 2021
How To Monetize Instagram In 2021

It could be a repost giveaway, a submission contest, sweepstakes, or whatever else comes to mind. Choose the format that best suits your goals for your audience.

Then you come up with a price that your audience efforts are worth – the best is appropriate to your niche. Make sure the rules are clear, create hashtags, and promote your giveaway on other platforms.

You can partner with influencers or brands, or throw your contest all by yourself. Don’t forget to check out Whether you comply with Instagram’s rules for competitions before you start

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Sell affiliate products

You can sell affiliate products through specific links or promo codes, but the latter is more for Instagram as you can’t put a link outside of your bio. Think about brands that might be useful to your target audience, check to then determine whether these companies have affiliate programs.

How To Monetize Instagram In 2021
How To Monetize Instagram In 2021

Chances are they probably do. Reach them directly or use services like Clickbank or the Amazon Affiliate Program to get started. And if you have an online store with Ecwid, it can work the other way too – creating coupon codes for your shop, reaching out to influencers then promoting them.

Here’s the recap To make money on Instagram, you need one first solid followership growth.

Pay Attention Rate Engagement – Aim for 4-6%. Sponsored articles have the same editorial content, but also advertise a product. Consumers trust sponsored posts because they appear authentic.

An easy way to create and sell merchandise is to print your logo on various products through the Printful app. You can also sell products you have created yourself.

Instagram shoppable posts make buying easier for customers. Learning opportunities are an affordable option for those who the niche related skills.

You can partner with other brands or work independently throwing giveaways and contests. Pick a good price, make the rules simple, and don’t forget to create a hashtag and check for compliance with the Instagram contest rules.

You can also make money by driving online traffic to another branded business through affiliate marketing. Affiliate products can be sold through special links or promo codes, so choose a method that works for you or try them all to see what’s sticking out.

And don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way – it’s all part of the learning process. Already make money on Instagram?

Let us know about your questions in the comments! 

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