Google News – How To Get Your Website Listed: (Tips That Works)

Google News – How to Get Your Website Listed: (Tips That Works)

Google News can bring thousands of visitors to your website.

You don’t even have to be a journalist to participate.

SEO scan
SEO scan

Smart bloggers, news publishers, and digital content marketers are already taking advantage of this massive resource to increase targeted traffic and improve search engine visibility.

Sites and blogs that post timely, topical articles are allowed to use Google News. You don’t have to be a news site to be accepted, but you should try to produce newsworthy stuff on a regular basis.

“If you aren’t a news site, Google News and its web crawlers aren’t going to show you affection”, as Danny Sullivan previously said.

However, this isn’t a guarantee.

Website owners are continually looking for innovative ways to get visitors from Google to their own sites, as Google continues to dominate the search engine marketshare.

Getting your content featured in Google News is a great method to get greater exposure for it, thanks to the improved visibility that Google offers top stories.

There used to be numerous steps to being considered for a Google News listing.

Late in 2019, Google, on the other hand, updated its policy and no longer requires you to submit your site.

Rather, Google says:

“For Top stories or the News tab of Search, publishers are automatically considered. All they have to do now is create high-quality content and adhere to Google News’ content restrictions.”

Nonetheless, previous Google News eligibility guidance and ideas are still relevant today.

So, how can you get your content to appear in the search results’ Top Stories section?

This article is for you if you want to learn how to get your noteworthy website content into Google News.

News: What is it?

As defined by major search engines such as Google, news is information newly received or noteworthy, particularly regarding recent or significant events.

News: What is it?
News: What is it?

Google News: What Is It?

Google News is a vertical search engine created by computers that collects and combines news stories and headlines from thousands of sources across the world.

The results are then displayed by Google depending on a number of parameters, including user preferences and interests, relevancy, content freshness, and authority.

While visitors may access Google News directly at, Google also prominently displays News articles on its major search results pages.

Google News: What Is It?
Google News: What Is It?

Here’s an example of the Google News home screen (the default view is Top stories, and it’s influenced by user choices and location):

Google News home screen
Google News home screen

Take note of the following features:

  • Functionality of the search bar (typical search engine use).
  • Filtration (region and news type i.e. modern, classic, headlines, or compact).
  • Navigation on the left-hand side (quick topic filtering functionality).
  • Weather app.
  • Widget with information depending on location and preferences (displaying local news based on preferences and location data).
  • Editors’ choices
  • The most popular stories (region set and global).
  • Recommended for you (user behavior and preference-based data).
  • Industry.
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Google News: Why Do Websites Want It?

From a holistic standpoint, the apparent solution is to expand brand/expert/service reach, visibility, and traffic (of which some will ultimately result in more sales and success).

But, in reality, the solution is more complicated.

Over 60% of individuals prefer Google News over other news sources.

When this level of confidence is combined with the above-mentioned desired outcomes, it opens up opportunities for more commercial value beyond the typical search metrics of impressions, traffic, and profits.

Trust may be a crucial online distinction between brands and websites, influencing user behavior both before (in an advertisement) and after (on a website).

Inclusion in Google News is another opportunity for many businesses to get more out of current and future content.

When you put a lot of time, money, and resources into a certain aspect of your website, you want that investment to pay off handsomely.

Furthermore, the Top stories area might serve as a quicker gateway to highly competitive search results.

In a highly competitive search engine results page, a Google News result is taking up valuable real estate.

mortgage rate
mortgage rate

Google News: How to Get In

In the sections that follow, we’ll go through the most important rules to follow if you want to succeed with Google News.

Following rules and best practices, as with all of Google’s search results, can help your content get included and rated highly in Google News.

General Instructions

Types of Content

As you might expect, the content must be current, relevant, and deemed to be of interest to Google News readers.

Tips and guidance, employment advertisements, and information-only material like the weather or stock prices are examples of content that does not fall under this category.

Readability and Originality

The content must be accurate and unique.

If your site has both self-generated and aggregated material, you must clearly distinguish between the two. Otherwise, none of it will appear in Google News (or stay there).

Furthermore, content must be well-written and free of distracting elements such as advertisements, movies, and so on.

Expert knowledge & Integrity

Google News is more likely to feature content that demonstrates industry-leading expertise.

This content should provide a clear viewpoint based on the author’s knowledge and experience in the topic.

It should also be backed up by trust signals such as a physical address, supporting authorship, and contact information.

See the entire list of Google News general standards for more information.

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Technical Instructions

When Google discovers and crawls items for inclusion in Google News, it uses algorithm-based processing, and there are a number of technical requirements that must be met.

Many of these are standard SEO ranking variables, while others are unique to Google News.

Ascertain the following:

  • URLs and anchor links are content-specific, one-of-a-kind, and permanent.
  • The content is only available in HTML format. PDFs, JavaScript, and other sorts of information are not crawlable or displayable. Multimedia content will not be included in most circumstances (with the exception of YouTube).
  • Search engine bots must be able to access the domain where the content is housed.

Read the full list of technical guidelines for more information.

Quality Assurance Guidelines

Every part of the Google ethos is marked by quality.

Take a look at the Webmaster Quality Guidelines if you’re not sure what constitutes good content. Examine your content critically in order to compare it to the highest-ranking sites on the same subject.

Make sure your information meets the fundamental criteria for depth, variation, opinion, knowledge, trust, and statistics.

It’s important repeating that Google News only accepts news items at this time.

Trying to get all of your pages in at once is a bad strategy that will lead to failure.

In most circumstances, content will be industry-specific and company-neutral, so it will not be centered on marketing or public relations.

It also cannot be a company advertisement or promotional material, even if it contains expert comments and opinions.

Tips & Advice for Google News

There are a variety of other strategies you may employ to help your content appear and rank in Google News.

Listed below are a handful of the most useful.

Getting the Basics Right Well

There are a number of other factors that can improve your Google News eligibility and rating, and many of them boil down to getting the basics right.

Content that is intended to be news should be explicitly labeled as such. It ought to:

  • Create a distinct subfolder (for example,
  • A meaningful URL that reflects the content topic is required for each news story.

New content must be easily available, load rapidly, and contain a lot of information. It should also be valuable, timely, fact-based, and free of salesy overtones.

Instead of publishing 10 pieces one day and then nothing for a month, you should post news regularly and consistently — every week or every day, for example.

Make the content simple to read, distribute, and connect with — the more user-generated quality signals the better.

Sitemap for News

You can take control of the news content items that match or exceed the Google standards criteria and highlight those that are most likely to give the results you want by generating a unique sitemap for Google News and uploading it directly to Google.

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As with all sitemaps, this can help Google identify your content and display it in the search results faster and more effectively.

Mobile Pages That Load Quickly (AMP)

At their most basic level, AMPs are stripped-down versions of web pages that have been stripped of practically all non-text information that could cause delayed response times.

People want to consume news material quickly, on the go, and on practically any device with various levels of internet connection, hence AMPs are primarily for publishers.

Site Submission

While it is no longer required, joining up and submitting your site through Google’s Publisher Center can bring some additional benefits, as Google details below:

  • Control over content and branding: In Google News, you can design, brand, and personalize the sections and content of your publication.
  • Advertisements can be placed into your app’s content area for monetization. Ad serving via Google Ad Manager is supported by Google News, including premium solution advertisements. Subscribe with Google allows publishers to use paywalls in Newsstand.
  • Publications with commercial terms are eligible for placement in the app’s Newsstand section (in appropriate countries/regions). We cannot promise that you will be placed. Our merchandising team selects publications for Newsstand based on promotional timing, user experience quality, and relevancy to the promotional topic.

In addition, some publishers have stated that their sites were added to Google News much faster after they submitted them.

Editors’ Picks & Meta News Keywords Tag

To assist publishers to identify the topics of their articles, Google used a meta news tag (meta name=”news keywords”) and editors’ selections in the past.

Google removed both capabilities as Google News aggregation got more sophisticated and AI-driven.

This update made it more difficult for publishers to abuse the tags and emphasized the above-mentioned acceptable practices.

A Recap of How to Get Listed In Google News

There’s no denying that being listed in Google News has numerous advantages, and it can help your website gain access to highly competitive search results.

However, it cannot be emphasized enough that Google only accepts news information.

Your content must be correct, unique, timely, relevant, and appealing to the Google News audience.

If you meet the general, technical, and quality standards as well as the best practices listed above, you may be on your way to getting your newsworthy website content into Google News.

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