[A Complete Guide] To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2021

There’s never been a better time to start an affiliate marketing business from the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve been reading our blog postings, I’m guessing you already know what affiliate marketing is.

But, if this is your first time here, allow me to simply explain what affiliate marketing entails.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

To understand how to begin an affiliate marketing business, you must first understand what affiliate marketing is.

Earning a commission on sales is the quickest method to make money online.

You will be referring another person’s business, product, or service via affiliate marketing. You will receive a commission if a buyer purchases their stuff using your shared links. It’s that easy.

This is the simplest method of earning money online. Check out our affiliate marketing ultimate guide if you’re a newbie and want to learn more about affiliate marketing programs.

Content monetization through advertisements
Content monetization through advertisements

However, in order to begin your affiliate program, ensure that you always have a site up and running, as well as good content for your visitors.

You can learn how to create your own website by clicking here. Check out Grammarly if you need help typing correct English on your site, like this post.

Let’s get started now that we’ve covered some basic affiliate marketing fundamentals.

Where and how do you begin affiliate marketing?

To begin, you have to follow 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Selecting the Product

This is dependent on your market. You can always discover affiliate products to share and earn money for, no matter what your specialization is.

Step 2: Create content for the product

Make high-quality material for your product. Whether it’s a review, a tutorial, or even sharing some outstanding features with the audience, there’s something for everyone. The most important factor is content.

Step 3: Get traffic to your content

Make an effort to increase visitors to your website. Improve your SEO if you’re writing a blog. This basic guide will teach you how to attract traffic to your content in a variety of methods.

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Let’s look at how you may distribute your affiliate links and get started with affiliate marketing right away.

How to share links in your content

As previously stated, content is crucial. Writing articles or making videos on the product you wish to promote is one approach to deliver material to your audience.

Posts on a Blog

Let me give you a practical example.

This banner appears when you visit our blog. In our situation, we’re promoting our own website, H-supertools, which provides free digital marketing and SEO tools.

Instead of utilizing AdSense, you can create your own banner and distribute your affiliate links directly through the banners.

Another option to share links is to include them directly in your articles.


Check out this post on how to set up an SMTP server and send an unlimited number of emails.

You’ll notice that we’ve included free instructions on how to create your own mailing server. This is what we meant when we said “valuable content.”

Scroll down to the section on setting up a VPS server in the article. You’ll find a link that will give you $65 to try out Bluehost.

This is an affiliate link; you will receive $65 to try out Bluehost, and we will receive a commission for sending you to them. As a result, this is a win-win situation.

Always make sure your goal isn’t only to make money; the ultimate goal is to build a large base of readers and followers who can eventually become potential customers.

The fact that this method of spreading links is completely passive is quite crucial.

When someone comes to your blog to read it, they are very likely to click on your links. All you have to do now is use the tactics listed below to attract visitors to your site.

Videos on YouTube

Making videos is another way to share content. You may record yourself doing a tutorial, motivational speech, or even a product review. It’s the same as writing it on your blog, but you’re talking about it on video.

People prefer to watch videos rather than read, therefore this is an excellent opportunity to gain attention.

These links have been shortened, as you can see. Link shortening is an important technique to employ when working with affiliate links. It is ESSENTIAL!

When it comes to launching an affiliate marketing business, link shortening is a must-have tool.

The 8 best URL shortener services

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Courses Available Online

We also provide online courses as a means of disseminating our affiliate links.

Anyone can create and publish a free online course. If you go to one of our free courses, specifically the email marketing mastery course, you’ll notice that we have code canyon affiliate links embedded in the course.

This would be a great opportunity for you to share your affiliate links since free courses attract thousands of students.

Sharing Social Media Links

Social networking is another way to share affiliate links. Of course, we’re not talking about directly displaying your affiliate links on your page. Affiliate links are strictly prohibited on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and practically every other social media platform.

So, let’s see how we can make this happen.

Let’s have a look at our Facebook page. We have roughly 6K followers on our page.

Remember how I said that content is everything? So there you have it.

We post our content on social media because Facebook does not allow sharing direct affiliate links (and it is never a good idea to publish affiliate links directly even if they are allowed).

Use social media to promote your videos, courses, and blog entries. In this manner, you’ll be able to generate traffic to your content, which will then lead to traffic to your affiliate links.

Email Marketing is a great way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Email marketing is the final approach we’ll discuss in this article about how to advertise affiliate links.

We are not discussing spamming, and we dislike spammers just as much as you do.

In a previous article, we discussed how to monetize your emails; be sure to read it here.

Adding affiliate links is one of the tactics we discussed for monetizing email marketing campaigns. No, we’re not talking about sending out mass emails and hoping for a few clicks. This is a form of spamming!

We’re talking about launching a legitimate affiliate marketing firm here. How can we distribute affiliate marketing links without coming across as spam?

Build your email list, that’s the simple answer.

As you can see, this is our primary website’s opt-in form. This form is for people who are following us and want to receive special tips and tutorials. Our mailing list will grow as a result of this.

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We also displayed a real-world example in which we collected 10,000 emails in one month.

Ads can also be used to grow a targeted email list.

Let’s have a look at how.

Lead generation is one of the ad’s goals in Facebook ads manager.

To begin an affiliate marketing business, use Facebook ads.
You can use a lead magnet to collect email addresses from those who are interested in the topic you’re promoting. This would be an ideal target demographic for you to send your referral links to.

To learn more about collecting and sending emails to your subscribers, participate in the email marketing mastery course. By the way, it’s completely free.

Start delivering your weekly newsletter about your blog posts and videos once you’ve built up your email marketing list. Always make sure to deliver valuable material to your subscribers in order to keep them reading and opening your emails.


What’s your favorite search engine marketing tool?

What’s your favorite search engine marketing tool?

The first takeaway from this post is that content is everything.

When seeking to share your affiliate links with your readers, avoid doing so directly.

Provide them with useful information.

The following are examples of content:

  • Posts on a blog
  • Videos on YouTube.
  • Online courses are available for free.

You can start promoting your work on social media when it has been published and you have a following.

Never share affiliate links directly on social media, whether on your own pages or through paid advertisements.

Simply follow these instructions, and I am confident that you will be able to launch a great affiliate marketing business in 2021 in no time.

Please leave any views, opinions, or additional strategies on how to advertise affiliate links in the comments section below to help distribute all of the information needed to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

I hope you found this little read enjoyable.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section below.


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