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The Best Way To Place Ads: [Ad Placement Made Easy]

What Is Ad Placement?

Ad placement, in its most simply put, refers to a collection of ad units that define the spots on a website where advertisers can display their adverts👍.

The size, type, and location of adverts are all factors in ad placement. Advertisement placements, for example, are labeled as follows:

  • (728×90 pixels) above the main content (location)
  • (size in pixels) 300×250 (location in feed)

Advertisers can create their own placement criteria for adverts. And Some networks also offer automatically created placements, while others allow publishers to define their own criteria.

Each ad network has its own placement guidelines.

Ad Placement: Why Is It So Important?

 Advertisers often focus on how engaging and catchy the ads are when creating online ads, however, where the ads appear is equally important as the quality of the ads.

In fact, even if your ads are excellent, but not placed correctly, your target audience will not notice them.  The placement of ads can greatly influence the outcome of a campaign.

Advertisers should be able to find locations on your site that are appealing to them. Advertisers will not bid for your ad space if it is hidden below the fold or in some corner of the page.

The size of the adverts is less crucial than the amount of space available for them. Your website should be able to display how you want it to appear.

Your Click-Through-Rate may decrease if visitors are unable to easily reach the adverts on your site. As a result, the recommended spots to post ads for click-throughs are above the page or in positions that require minimum scrolling.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR): what is it and why is it important in ads placement

Based on the number of people who view your ad (impressions), the Click-Through-Rate calculates how many people actually click on your ad (clicks).

Here is the formula:

CTR = (Total clicks on Ad) / (Total Impressions)

For publishers, CTR is important for ad placements because an ad that has a higher click-through rate indicates that it is performing well and is appealing to the advertiser’s audience.

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In this way you can establish your position as a publisher, enabling you to win more advertising bids.

You may increase the click-through rate for your ads by using display ads on your page. The following factors may contribute to a higher CTR for display ads:

  • This includes visuals and media, which are more appealing to viewers.
  • By increasing brand awareness, they allow audiences to become more familiar with an advertiser’s brand.
  • Compared to traditional forms of advertising, they are less expensive.

Where Should You Place Your Ads on Your Website For more enagements?

You need to consider two factors when determining where to place ads on your website:

  1. Your website
  2. Your audience.

The first thing you should do is discover where visitors spend most of their time on your website. You should examine visitor numbers and where they come from. 

#1- Obtain the necessary tools

There are a few tools you will need to get started:

Traffic and audience monitoring or SEO tool: to determine the amount of traffic and audience.

Analytical data can help you determine where your visitors come from, what devices they use on a regular basis, demographics, and other important information. 

Heatmap: In recent years, heatmaps have become very popular as a technique to determine which areas of a website are the most appealing to visitors.

Heatmaps are visual representations of data from a website that show which parts of the page get the most clicks or attention.

Heatmaps may show you which parts of your page people are clicking the most, as well as how far they scroll down. For instance, have a look at this.

Heatmap Image source

The best free heatmap software

What is the best way to get a free website heatmap?

Today, many fantastic applications are available to everyone, and we’ve compiled a list of the top free tools that are simple to use and comprehend in order to boost the performance of your website quickly.

Ad Manager: An ad manager tool allows you to track exactly how much income you receive from your inventory. Having the ability to know how much each type or size of advertisement makes is very helpful.

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7 Best Ad Management Tools

#2- Make sure you understand your audience

Begin by assessing your audience once you’ve gathered your tools. Use analytics to figure out where your visitors are coming from.

So you can see which ad placements are popular with advertisers in the most popular sections and concentrate your ad placement there.

[ADD GOOGLE ANALYTICS SCREENSHOT] This can also help you solve which sites are receiving less traffic and enhance them.

#3- See if your ads are viewable

The viewability rate measures how many times your website’s advertising is seen. Placing advertising on a website does not guarantee that your target audience will see them.

Publishers with high viewability scores are thought to have valuable merchandise. Advertisers frequently offer greater bids to high-level publishers since their advertising will be viewed.

What criteria do you use to determine ad viewability? A display ad that is visible for at least a second is considered watchable by Google (even if they are 50 percent in view).

The same is true for video commercials, however, they must be viewed for two seconds to be declared watchable. In the analytics, these are the “Active Views.”

What are some ways to improve ad viewability?

  • A/B test ad placements, sizes, and layouts.
  • You should check how fast your page loads.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly. 

#4- Perform a performance analysis of past ads

Begin with what you already have. Viewability, click-through rate, and revenue generation are the three key metrics to check for current placements. Make changes to what isn’t working while retaining what is. 

The results can then be used as a foundation for further study.

#5- Test as much as you can

Test different types of ads, display, rich media, and video to see which combination generates the most engagement. You can play around with different layouts, both above and below the fold. 

By conducting A/B testing, you can find out which combination is most engaging. More information can be found in the heatmap.

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#6- We Will Be There To Help You

Doing all these trials and experiments by yourself can be overwhelming and stressful.

You can save time and money by using experts like the Mxblog24 team to automatically pick the most efficient place to display your advertisements.

Would you like any assistance? We have monetization experts ready to help.

Various types of ads and placements

Let’s look at the most common ad types. There are several size and format options available for ads, from full pages to small squares.

Below are some of the most common ad types:

  • Full-page ads: Full-page advertising are the most expensive ad formats because they appear above and below the fold. The layout chosen by a certain publisher’s website is shown in the image below.
Full page ad
Full-page ad
  • Half-page advertising: Because of the vast amount of area they take up, half-page advertising are frequently pricey. Publications use them to display sponsors. Take a look at this sample from the Forbes website:
Half-page ads
Half-page ads
  • Banner ads: These are the advertisements that you frequently see on online pages. They frequently occur on websites’ sidebars, tops, and bottoms. Publishers sell ad space through ad networks, or you can buy it like you would in a newspaper.
  • Large square: They can usually be found on websites or search engine results pages.
  • Small Square: These 200*200 pixels can draw the attention of your audience to a product related to a previous search or relevant to your content.

How Advertisers Decide Where to Place Ads

Advertisers want to post ads on websites that will give them a strong return on their investment. As a result, there are a few things they think about when deciding where to position an ad.

The target marketCompanies aim to promote as close to their target market as possible. Companies in the industry will want to advertise with you if your website provides material to and receives a lot of traffic from their target demographic.
The mediumAgain, it is entirely dependent on the intended audience. In-app advertising may be the solution if a company’s target users consume products/services via mobile. Search advertisements and display ads can be used to attract these companies if they are found on a website or through a search.
The ROITraditional advertising is more expensive than online advertising. Rather than spending money on traditional advertising, a company can buy two banner ads for a year on a website with high traffic and conversion rates to increase its visibility and conversions. Advertisers will choose the option that provides them with the most return on investment.

Would you like any assistance? We have monetization experts ready to help. 🤝

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