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About Oware A. Augustine

Mxblog24 was founded by Oware A. Augutine, a highly regarded SEO  and a content monetization expert.

A year after failing with his first online businesses, Oware finally hit the jackpot with a site in the personal finance category. In the process, he learned many lessons that he decided to share through Mxblog24.

Oware is an amazing writer who has built a name for himself publishing insanely practical strategies, which marketers can employ to improve their online businesses and increase in ROI. MXblog24 is now one of the most popular SEO and content monetization blogs online.

How Mxblog24 helps you get more traffic and profit

In response, most allegedly “SEO experts” say: “you must create great content in order to succeed with SEO.”

If only it were that simple…

In my experience, there is so much more to SEO than just “great content”.

Mxblog24 is able to assist you with that.

It is in this blog where you can learn the tips, strategies, and techniques that you need for higher rankings and making more profit from your content. The advice is direct and to the point. Just insanely effective advice.

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Covid-19 Update 😷

Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, our in-person services are closed until further notice. However, our online services are available as usual with some special offers.

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Customers Reviews


Customers Reviews


Marketing Director
Working with the Mxblog24 team on our new website and SEO efforts has been seamless, instructive, and priceless because of the lengths to which they go to secure the greatest possible outcomes for our website. Our website has been producing results since day one, and it continues to improve. I would strongly, strongly, strongly recommend these!


Digital Strategist
Mxblog24 provided actual and honest SEO results from industry specialists, as well as smart next measures for the future of our organization.

Ricky Price 18th May 2021

We've seen remarkable increases in organic traffic and rankings (2 keywords in the #2 spot) since they came on board. In addition to link building, my site's assigned team continues to demonstrate excellent communication and knowledge of off and on-site SEO strategies.
My overall experience with Mxblog24 has been great, and I would recommend their services to anyone that is looking to get high-quality SEO work done.💞

Gilda Ponde 9th April 2021

Trust Pilot
"Mxblog24 is our first online experience and they are fantastic. A great service, good communication, and a handy way to get the job done in our website. Lots of support and assistance to help us achieve our goals.

Lori Southall 07/02/2021

I am convinced that signing a second optimization contract with Mxblog24 is wise based on your constant support and aggressive technology.". It enables us to stay ahead of our competitors."

Michael Payne

'We just wanted to thank each and every one of you at Mxblog24 for your dedication and hard work in getting outstanding results with our website. We have risen from page 50 on Google to page 2 in less than three months."

Mark Luckier

President Online Footwear Ventures Inc. (Walkingonacloud.com)
Within three months, all of our major keywords ranked on the first page of Google. We have been utilizing Mxblog24. for 1 year and believe they will achieve the placement that your company needs to become its best.

Leony Gonzalaz

Web Marketing Manager AccuData America
The uniqueness of Mxblog24 makes it stand out from the crowd and I applaud all that you do.

Mark Canavarro 08/30/2021

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy we are. You have shown great knowledge in regards to SEO best practices as well as optimization strategy and management of the Ridegear.com account. Most importantly, you have obtained results, and that is an undeniable measure.”