5 SEO Tips That Helped Me Get 2 Million+ Google Impressions

5 SEO Tips That Helped Me Get 2 Million+ Google Impressions

I recently decided to take a blogging break.

Since the year 2020, I’ve been writing on my blog. My website, Mxblog24, is a Digital Marketing blog where I talk about new SEO Methods, reviews, and more.

I’ve written 179 articles to date (actually I did more but were deleted later).

It may appear low after two years, but that is due to my inconsistency 😔. I used to publish about 15 articles per month, but now I only publish four.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t consistent with my content, I was able to get over 2 million impressions and 100 thousand clicks on Google.

clicks on Google.

The strange thing is that just 20% of my articles were successful (generating thousands of impressions alone).

The remainder were either on the second or third page, or had vanished entirely.

But I’m not here to gloat about how great my blog was. It was a bit of a flop (I’ll get into that later).

The essential point here is how, despite my inconsistency in writing, I was able to generate millions of impressions (some of the articles started ranking on page one after a month).

If you follow the instructions I’ll outline, you should be on page one in no time.

But first, I must state that I cannot guarantee the outcome. As we all know, things aren’t the same for everyone.

If it worked for me, it doesn’t necessarily indicate it will work for you (at least not as soon as it did for me). It is entirely dependent on the niche).

However, by following these steps, you will gain a better grasp of SEO and may be able to boost your SERP rankings.

Here are the five SEO tactics that helped me get 2 million+ Google impressions.

1. What is the optimal number of keywords for SEO?

Lesson Contents

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When you think of SEO, I’m sure this is the first question that comes to mind for many of you.

To be honest, it isn’t set in stone. It all depends on how long your content is.

Most SEO professionals say that a keyword density of 1% to 2% is sufficient for Google to grasp the intent of your post. That is somewhat correct.

When I was creating an article of 800–1000 words, I saw that my intended term appeared 7–8 times in the piece.

I never made it to number ten. However, this, too, is dependent on other circumstances.

For example, how many times do you use relevant keywords?

The importance of related keywords is comparable to that of the main keyword.

It aids in the ranking of your post for a variety of keywords relevant to the core keyword.

This increases your chances of reaching more people who are looking for keywords that are similar to yours.

That stated, I would recommend, strive to keep 1–2 percent of keyword density in your article.

Pro Tip: At the beginning of your content, try to include your major keyword 2–4 times. This will assist Google in rapidly determining the purpose of your content.

2. Search engine Optimized (SEO) images

The majority of new bloggers overlook image SEO optimization.

Images, in case you didn’t know, rank on Google as well. They can also become a source of traffic in rare situations.

The second most crucial component in your article’s SEO is image optimization.

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So, whatever photographs you’re utilizing, use the following procedure to optimize them.

  • Reduce the size of your photographs. Large graphics slow down the load time of your post, which is bad for SEO. So, either use a free online compressor or Adobe Photoshop to minimize the file size.
  • When naming your image, avoid utilizing the default name. Some folks don’t bother to change their image’s name. They save it as “XYZ.jpeg.” Instead, utilize the name that your image is trying to express, such as the product’s name if you’re utilizing its image. Use the headline of your article as a feature image.
  • Make use of alternative tags. Images are not visualized by Google bots. They require text to read in order to gain a better understanding. Alt tags are used in this situation. When you define the image’s alt tags, it aids machines in comprehending the context and rank it accordingly..

3. Create headlines that are SEO-friendly.

When individuals use Google to search for something, what is the first thing they notice?


People are more likely to click on a good and catchy title. That is what enhances your Google ranking.

But what if your message is never seen by them? How are you going to get them to click on it?

It only happens when your headline isn’t SEO friendly, which is why it didn’t make the top of the search results.

Make sure your major keyword is incorporated in your headline, in addition to writing catchy headlines (especially in the beginning).

It aids Google understand your material or content.

If your main keyword is ‘SEO Hacks,’ for example, use the following strategy: 5 SEO Tricks to Get to the Top of Google’s First Page

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See? It’s simple.

4. Don’t forget to include a meta-description.

When people search for something on Google, meta-description appears firsthand, much like headlines.

Do you have any idea what a meta-description is?

Take a look at the image below for an example.

Meta-description is the short description underneath the headline.

It helps Google comprehend the context of your post and place it in front of individuals who are looking for it.

Even if Google uses a portion of your content as a meta-description (if you haven’t done it yourself), that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use it.

In certain circumstances, what Google has decided may be unappealing to you and other internet users.

As a result, make sure you’re writing a well-structured meta-description for yourself that includes your major keyword.

5. Compose long articles

Last but not least, whenever you produce an article, attempt to exceed 1000 words.

According to a SerpIQ study, lengthier articles rank higher in Google than short ones.

So, whichever subject you choose, make sure it’s a thorough one with enough of data and information.

But don’t use the word “bluff” in your writing.

Every word you write should provide value to your readers’ lives. Both your reader and Google will be pleased.

My articles are usually between 900 and 2000 words long, which is why they appear on Google’s first page.

These 5 SEO tricks that play a vital impact in your Google ranking have been learned throughout the course of my writing career.

That’s what got me those 2 million impressions and 100 thousand clicks.

Try these methods out for yourself and see what happens. They may not work immediately, but they will eventually.

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