How Do Ad Networks Work, and Why Do You Need One?

Ad networks act as a middleman, connecting the proper publishers with the proper buyers. This collaboration lets publishers (suppliers) gain access to consumers (buyers), thereby
developing their marketplace share.

You can take advantage of ad networks to sell leftover advertising stock. In other words, impressions that have not been purchased within a month.

Suppose that you have a contract that states that you must provide a set number of impressions per month(700,000) to an advertiser.

You, however, provide 900,000 impressions. The leftover impressions can be resold to an advertising network.

It may be necessary for you to deal with more than one ad network based on the type of advertisement you use. Several video advertising networks offer video content only, but others focus exclusively on delivering quality video.

Google AdSense is just one of the opportunities available to publishers that wish to earn money outside of it.

The focus of this article is to analyze and recommend the 11 best ad networks for 2021.

When choosing an advertising network, what factors should you consider?

The best network to advertise on will depend on your marketing needs, so determine those first before choosing a network.

The most important factors to consider

  • To find out who your target audience is, you need to analyze their demographics, interests, geography, and age group.
  • Are you targeting business-to-business or business-to-consumer customers? Do you have a large audience?
  • Start-up costs: how much money do you need? Choosing an ad network is a process that depends on several factors, including your budget.
  • Know your niche is very important: In deciding which ad network is right for you, this is perhaps the most important factor.

There are a variety of ad networks

  • Ad networks with specialized content

Several ad networks target specific inventory and conversions.
Networks such as these are also known as “niche” networks because they typically target a specific industry or niche. Ad networks are used by software publishers, developers, advertisers, and advertisers. You can for instance target software advertisers with display ad networks.

  • Platforms for promoting products
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You can manage multiple campaigns across multiple ad networks, access marketing resources, calculate marketing costs, and optimize marketing using a promotion platform. You can use these tools to increase your advertising opportunities, marketing resources, and exchanges.

  • General Ad Networks

In the advertising industry, Google and Facebook are two of the most widely used networks. Their partners include companies with large audiences and a great deal of consumer data.

Publishers should look at these advertising networks in 2021


11 Best Ad Networks in 2021 & how to apply


  • Unified Ad Marketplace offers header bidding from Amazon and third-party partners.
  • The server-to-server bidding has been integrated
  • Response-oriented
  • Setups that are automated for line items
  • The addition of only one header tag
  • Having a single, centralized dashboard


  • Page loading time is reduced.
  • A common requirement


  • Easy to integrate
  • You don’t have a lot of control with a managed service.
  • Only available to Amazon customers.

Search engine advertising with Google Adsense and Google DoubleClick

11 Best Ad Networks in 2021 & how to apply


  • Automated Advertisements – this feature analyzes your sites and inserts ads depending on the layout, content, and current Google ads.
  • Ad size optimization – adjusts the size of the ad to the size of the user’s screen automatically. As a result, more advertising will be able to fill the ad units.
  • A Google Account is required, as well as a website with more than 300,000 monthly page visits.


  • It’s easy — all you need is a Google account and a website.
  • Simple to use: add the same line of code to any page where you want advertisements to appear.
  • Responsive – adjusts to mobile devices automatically.


  • Working with other ad networks is restricted by Google. You may utilize CodeFuel to gain access to Google Marketing Network, a premium Google ad network.

Bing for Partners

11 Best Ad Networks in 2021 & how to apply


  • Syndication: You are compensated for displaying Bing Ads on your website. Bing displays advertisements that are customized to your audience and content.
  • Customers search on Bing and partner sites and are shown personalized advertisements based on their search terms.
  • Cross-device search results — for PC, mobile, and tablet – responsive search results and advertisements.


  • Bing, Yahoo, and AOL are its three search engines.
  • Bing’s network is expanding, allowing it to reach searchers who aren’t targeted by Google AdWords.
  • you may import your Google Ads campaign.
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According to Trustradius,

  • The partner network is unable to target certain nations.
  • Network placement might be of poor quality at times.
  • On the Mac, this feature is not accessible.



  • App monetization: create an intent-based search for monetizing your app or extension. 
  • …in search mediation, you can deploy monetization pages on your own website regardless of the media campaigns you buy (Facebook, Google, Taboola, or Outbrain).
  • Monetization of websites – display relevant shopping ads to engage high intent users and increase conversions. Customize search results pages (SERP) with sponsored text ads to maximize your search text advertising ROI.
  • Introducing NewsFuel Feed, a premium news aggregator.


  • A flexible monetization model that offers options for diverse platforms and verticals
  • A single solution – you can monetize your digital property using search, ads, shopping, and news.
  • Statistical analysis and tracking
  • An integrated dashboard
  • Integration with MSN, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, as well as over 1200 quality publishers. A premium AdSense program is also available.


  • Suitable for large publishers, but not for very small ones. It is highly important to reach a mid-sized audience in order to find high-intent users.


11 Best Ad Networks in 2021 & how to apply


  • Feed – presents content in a scrolling news feed type.
  • A/B testing
  • Online content discovery
  • Native advertising – advertiser-side. Matches and targets campaigns to specific publishers according to content.


  • The campaign creation process is straightforward
  • Offering a wide range of targeting options
  • Provides services to several audiences


  • The interface does not seem friendly
  • Performance whitelisting does not exist

Triple Lift


  • Ad server
  • Publisher integration
  • Native direct deals on their existing workflow


According to G2 reviews:

  • You can either run advertising directly on their site or use their inventory for programmatic advertising
  • Capability of being creative.


  • Basic dashboard
  • Needs more metrics
  • UI not easy to use



  • End-to-end platform
  • Flexible Placements
  • Sells remnant inventory


  • User-friendly
  • It is simple to set up
  • Distributed worldwide


  • There is weak support
  • Conditions are subject to rapid change.
  • Top of the funnel traffic makes up most of the traffic.



  • SSP
  • Multiple ad formats, including native ads, video ads, and mobile ads
  • Video Syndication
  • Open bidding


  • Easy setup and management
  • Inventory management
  • Consistent demand
  • Monetize display inventory
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According to Trust Radius reviews:

  • Pixels and Rules – Rules aren’t as intuitive to adhere to
  • A disappointing user interface
  • Taking too long to process
  • The viewability rate is low
  • A premium partner may not be held against a competitor



  • Optimizing prices to reach a specific yield goal using predictive optimization.
  • We provide data services – modelling and simulations based on custom optimizations
  • The analytics feature gives you real-time information about who is purchasing your inventory.


  • Selective about what advertisers they allow into their system.
  • Integration with multiple platforms


  • Not for small companies.

Xandr Monetize


  • Replaces the AppNexus SSP and Publisher.
  • Supply-side platform
  • Inventory management
  • Ad server
  • Many options to segment and search different metrics
  • Reporting
  • Geo-targeting


  • Flexible
  • User Friendly UI


  • Weak support
  • Issues with tracking metrics
  • Slow platform
  • Complex and not suitable for beginners



  • Advertisements in multiple formats
  • All impressions will be monetized with high fill rates
  • AdBlocking technology


  • Offers can be manually controlled
  • Advertisements of various types
  • An excellent customer support system
  • The site is available in multiple languages


  • Difficult to find the pay rate on a website
  • Minimal payments are high


What is ad mediation, and how does it work?

It is a process of using monetization technologies, resources, and tools to guide publishers to increase display ad fill rates and eCPM (effective cost per thousand).

What is a display advertising ad network?

A network that connects advertisers and publishers (websites) for the purpose of running ads together. Using an ad network, advertisers can find ad space that matches their demands.

Is Google a network of ad servers?

Google Adverts is an online advertising network that allows marketers to compete for the right to show ads to web visitors in a variety of forms.

In the world of internet advertising, what is a publisher? Any individual or company that shows ads on their digital properties is called a publisher.

Which ad network has the greatest CPM and pays the most?

As determined by, these are the three ad networks with the best CPM:

  • The Conversation Media
  • BuySellAds.

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