So many people want to create a blog and have been reading how-to tutorials, but they are still puzzled as to where to begin, and what niche or microniche blog ideas or topics to write about.

The first step in creating a blog is to decide what you want to write about.

decide what you want to write about
decide what you want to write about

Let’s review these Microniche Blog Ideas that will help you come up with some good ideas to kick start your blog or website.

Additionally, we will look at 7 Simple Steps To Rank On Google as a beginner or a pro.

Alright, let’s found out what niche is and also whats a Microniche blog.

Niche and microniche blogs: what are they?

Niche and microniche blogs ideas
Niche and microniche blogs ideas

A Niche blog focuses on a particular topic with a specific focus. Unlike Microniche blog ideas, Microniche blog ideas are narrowed down to niche ideas focused on a subtopic.

For instance, if technology is a niche, then a smartphone would be a micro-niche.

It’s a constant challenge for aspiring bloggers to decide what kind of niche will bring them more traffic and money.

And sometimes a new website’s first six months are difficult to rank on Google.

It is true that broad niches are easier to find and more desired after, but the level of competition in these sectors is incomparable.

Millions of blogs cover fitness, beauty, tech, business, and other areas, but a newbie blog has a slim chance against these authority sites.

We’re not saying that broad niches or topics are doomed to failure, but a low-competition niche can offer you a boost in the beginning.

If you’re having trouble coming up with micro-niche blog ideas, we’ve compiled a list of microniche blog ideas for you.

Microniche Blog Ideas That Make Money

The targeted keywords and topics increase the possibility of a bigger audience.

Every blogger’s only goal is to be on Google’s first page, and yes that can be accomplished by selecting a good niche or a microblog with limited authority blogs.

Let us come straight to the best money making microniche blog ideas.

1– Productivity

Productivity image soucre

This subject is related to entrepreneurship. There are a number of Blog sites that promote various strategies for increasing productivity and ensuring that your business runs smoothly.

You, too, may create a blog with many scientific as well as your own study on enhancing working efficiency, just like they did. This may appear to be a long shot, but it is a thorough search.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most profitable micro-niche blog ideas.

2– Photography


Many people believe that photography is simple, but is this true? When you study more into this subject, you’ll see that it’s more than simply a click.

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You may teach photography, review cameras, and other equipment, sell photography packages, and so much more.

Although such blogs are uncommon, these searches will provide you with useful materials from the site.

3– Pet Care

Pet Care
Pet Care

Those who own pets understand what it’s like to have a newborn. They require continual love and attention, and let’s face it, they are simply lovely.

Because there aren’t many pet-related blogs out there, you can use it as a microniche to launch your blogging career.

It is not tough to generate traffic, and it can also assist you in starting an online pet care service.

4– Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review
Restaurant Review

With so many people ordering takeout and having it delivered, starting a restaurant review site is a great idea.

You can’t just eat and write, but reviewing the food that’s been provided and travel food blogging can both be useful additions to this site.

By focusing entirely on food quality and service, you may draw attention to your blog and, as a result, earn a lot of money from adverts and affiliate links.

5– Baby Care

Baby care is a specific type of parenting that covers content that is related to infants and babies, while parenting covers issues related to pregnancy, newborns, toddlers, children, and teenagers.

In your efforts to find parents who are on their way to becoming good parents, you are targeting new moms and dads. 

You can sell baby care products via e-commerce, and they prefer using the internet for information on how to take care of their children.

6– All-natural makeup

Beauty and self-care is another good niche choice, and the micro-niche concept is all-natural.

Though all-natural makeup has been mentioned, you can also look for all-natural skincare.

If you focus on SEO and reliability, this topic will keep your website crowded. Natural makeup isn’t as widespread, and it’s also not as prevalent.

As a result, it can be considered one of the top money-making microniche blog ideas.

7– Baking

Recipes for cooking are something we’ve all looked for. In the blogging world, it is one of the most popular niches.

However, there are micro-niches within this category that can help keep your blog’s modest readership intact.

Baking is one such microniche that can attract a lot of attention.

You can sell hacks and recipes, as well as affiliate links and advertisements for products and baking services.

This is a competitive topic as well, but with a better chance of landing on the first page.

8– Yoga

There aren’t too many or too few yoga blogs, so if you’re a yoga lover, this micro-niche could be beneficial to your blog’s health.

You can offer online classes, as well as market and sell your sessions as paid subscriptions.

Although there isn’t much competition here, the demand is increasing. This microniche idea can provide a significant return if you combine it with a competent SEO and marketing approach.

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9– Music

Music blogs are a great place to start and expand your business.

They cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of music to conversations with musicians, before branching out into studying and reviewing.

This topic is both broad and narrow when compared to other broad niches.

You can also write about music instruments and their applications to create a more focused blog.

This microniche would have a broader scope and a more specific search goal.

You can take a short look at one of the most authoritative and leading music blogs,, and then get to work.

10– Entrepreneurship

During the past few years, the concept of entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular and influenced the opinions of a large number of people. 

In addition to being necessary and popular, becoming self-sufficient and starting your own business is important.

Despite the fact that there is already a lot of information and books on the subject, a dedicated blog to this microniche can be an excellent money-making blog idea.

The list of microblog niches ideas also includes

  • Minimalism
  • Psychology Blogs
  • Hiking & Camping
  • Vegan
  • Small House
  • Wall Decorating
  • Celebrity News
  • Curly hair care
  • Essential Oils

The list goes on you can pick up any of these microblog niche ideas to start a blog and make some money.

Blogging is both simple and challenging; if you want to make money from it, you have to be smart and patient. 

Microniche blogs are primarily a means of increasing the chances of a blog’s success, but they do not guarantee it. Content, as always, is king, and SEO is the kingmaker.

Alright now that we know which niche or microniche to start producing content on, let look at how to rank your website easily on Google with there 7 easy steps

07 Simple Steps To Rank On Google: In 2021

You can’t purchase Google rank with money alone, but you can enhance your position on the search engine results page (SERP) without spending a dollar with a little time and planning.

Here are 7 easy techniques to boost your Google search ranking for free.

1- Create excellent SEO-friendly content.

One of the most effective techniques to boost visitors and improve your search ranking is to have high-quality content on your website.

In fact, on-page content generation was voted the most effective SEO approach by 57 percent of marketing professionals in a recent poll.

Make sure your material is error-free, keyword-rich, mobile-optimized, and designed to address the specific needs of your target audience, as well as including useful links to further internal and external information.

2- Enhance the user experience on your website.

Website visits, time on site, pages per session, and bounce rate are the top four ranking factors, according to a SEMrush analysis.

All four of these factors are directly tied to the user experience your website provides.

It’s very straightforward: if your website is simple to use and provides useful information, you’ll attract more people who will stay longer on your site and view more pages, improving your search ranking.

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3- Improve the speed of your website.

While Google said the “speed update” will only affect a small fraction of sites, it’s still a good idea to make sure your site is as quick as possible—both to boost your search rank and to create a nice user experience.

4- Increase the number of backlinks you have.

One of the most strongly influenced Google ranking variables is backlinks or links from other websites to yours.

Incoming links from high-authority domains to your website content indicate your site’s authority, drive visitors, and increase your search rating.

5- Make local search optimization a priority.

People are increasingly utilizing their smartphones to look for businesses “near me.”

Get your business listed in local directories, claim your Google My Business profile, and boost your online reputation by writing great reviews to improve your chances of appearing in relevant local searches.

6- Use header tags H1 and H2.

The use of header tags in the body of your content not only makes your content more readable and understandable for humans and search engines alike, but it also contributes to your search ranking on Google.

The use of header tags can also be an excellent way to highlight important points and show the structure of your material.

7- To get to “position zero,” aim high.

When a user enters a query into Google Search, Google may grab content from a related website and show it in a special featured snippet or response box above the top search result.

Including material in a featured snippet is a terrific strategy to improve traffic (snippets contain a link to the page where the content originated), as well as boost your brand’s credibility and visibility.

Consider potential searches connected to your business and pepper your site with clear, authoritative replies to boost your chances of having your material selected as a featured snippet by Google.

SEO is a time-consuming and continuous procedure. Because so many other businesses are competing for the same keyword(s) or keyphrase(s), there is tremendous competition, which means that a single moment of irregularity can erase hours of labor.

The majority of SEO services are outsourced. Some websites are never optimized in the first place.

At Mxblog24, we make it a point to properly optimize all of our website projects and to provide our clients with the greatest prices and guarantees on SEO services.


Alright now that you know what a microblog niches ideas and some examples… I believe you can now know where to start from.

use the 7 easy steps to rank on google once you startup… you can also submit your website or blog to be reviewed…

let us know how helpful this article has been for you in the comment box blew.

check out our other helpful articles.

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